Hasbro Replies to Fan Queries Re: G.I. Joe’s Disappearance from HasbroToyShop.com

What would the original "Hasbro Boy" think of the company's 2014 decision to turn its back on the iconic 12-inch action figure that made the company such a great success? We doubt he would be pleased!

My, how things have changed! The face of the original 1960s “Hasbro Boy” logo appeared on nearly every vintage GIjOE product and promised children (and adults) toys that provided hours of creative and imaginative play. Sadly, like GIjOE, Hasbro Boy too, was “retired” and replaced by today’s bland, blue square logo that promises Joe fans—nothing.

Better Late Than Never.

In a brief follow-up to our previous article of October 4th regarding the disappearance of all scales, iterations and product extensions of GIjOE brand toys from Hasbro’s official online Hasbro Toy Shop (HTS) website, we felt it was only proper to pass on the company’s official response to a query we’d sent them (concerning this topic) last week. The company’s email comes to us this morning from a Hasbro rep named Elizabeth (strangely, no last name was given), who replied to our question with an answer that can only be described as uninspired and disappointing. She said:

“Thank you for your email in regards to GIjOE products for sale on our Hasbro Toy Shop website, I am happy to help you. Hasbro does not sell the GIjOE line on our website, the product line is exclusive to Toys R Us only. You may want to check their website and your local Toys R Us stores for the products. Thank you for your understanding. Have a great day!”

The immpassionless, sterile response of the Hal 9000 computer from the film, 2001: A Space Odyssey, reminds us much of Hasbro's current attitude toward GIjOE fans and collectors. (Art: mondspeer)

The passionless, sterile response of the Hal 9000 computer from the film, 2001: A Space Odyssey, reminds us much of Hasbro’s current attitude toward GIjOE fans. (Art: mondspeer)

Bottom Line: In today’s world of automated email reply systems, its unclear if “Elizabeth” is a real person or simply a computer-generated (form-letter) email reply system called upon to respond to what must surely be one of their most frequently asked questions (FAQs). Regardless, we’d like to thank Elizabeth (or Hasbro’s version of the Hal 9000) for finally sending us a reply email, for wishing us a nice day and for thanking us for our “understanding” regarding GIjOE’s fading away into Toys ‘R Us’ uncertain sunset. All of that and a quarter will get us a bubble-gum ball from the corner drugstore. We hope Joe fans around the world will continue to support, customize, collect and REMEMBER “America’s Moveable Fighting Man,” regardless—and IN SPITE OF—Hasbro’s current and obvious lack of passion for the line. Joe MUST live on in the hearts and minds of us all. Go, JOE!

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11 thoughts on “Hasbro Replies to Fan Queries Re: G.I. Joe’s Disappearance from HasbroToyShop.com

  1. Mark Henderson says:

    Hasbro, Hasbro, give your answer, do. We’re half crazy for a response from you.

  2. Matthew Pak says:

    “Thank you for your reply in regards to GI JOE products no longer being for sale on your Hasbro Toy Shop website, I am happy to refer all my friends and family to no longer shop at your web site, nor to buy any Hasbro products at retail. That’s due to your lack of understanding. Have a great day!”

  3. That’s a BULL____ response!

  4. Steven says:

    Wow, this has been an amazing 50th Anniversary celebration! not! Sigh 😦

  5. Stop saying Hasblow says:

    Hasbro Toy Shop is NOT Hasbro. They license the Hasbro name to sell their product online. The 50th Anniversary line is a TRU exclusive (even though BBTS seems to be getting some).

    This was a very professional answer to an inquiry. It’s also a simple answer – we are not stocking it because there’s an exclusive agreement between Hasbro and TRU. Also, I’ve never received an email from a customer service agency with a last name.

    Finally, the “Finally” bit is a bit unnecessary here. It’s now October 6, you posted the original thread on October 4. I don’t think a day or day and a half, even 2 day, wait for an answer, especially over a weekend, is a particularly long wait.

  6. Steve Polzak says:

    Saw the Hasbro reply that was put up. Lame! What the hell? It is so bull. As i have stated, I have not seen any 1/6 scale GIjOE in I don’t know how many years now. I am in Illinois. That may be not everywhere, but even in other states I’ve been to I’ve seen nothing. Oh, once in a while, I saw a jeep, a plane that could be used for 1/6 scale figures, but it was not GIjOE stuff. When talked to anyone about it they looked at me as if I was from Mars.

    I am sorry to say I have been to very few TRU’s where the people working there really knew their stuff. Even the managers. The most I’d get is they “don’t get them anymore” or TRU stopped carrying them. So, if they have no mind for the items they sell, what’s the use talking to them?

    I have been told you can find things on their store’s website that they do not carry in the store. But I am not hopeful. I will check into this again, but I don’t know. I still can not see if it has really come to this (that no one else is not picking up the line). Doesn’t make any sense. It seems like there’s more than enough people wanting GIjOE and his items in 1/6.

  7. Kevin Griffin says:

    It is pretty sad you have left this article up to incite people even after nearly everything you wrote was proven to you to be not true. HTS is not Hasbro.

  8. kneonknight says:

    So, I looked at the Toys ‘R Us website. The only thing bearing the G.I. Joe brand name was a boxed set of RAH figures and accessories…and to me, that is not, never has been and never will be G.I. Joe. I’ve made my peace with it, and no longer purchase any Hasbro products. The fact is, they valued profit over customer loyalty, and that’s why there was no official recognition the 50th Anniversary of “America’s Movable Fighting Man” either in print or on the pegs at the local outlets.

    The bottom line for me is that there are a metric crap ton of small, independent firms that are producing some pretty fantastic reproduction and original 1/6 scale stuff, so we don’t need Hasbro anymore. Truth be told, they’ve made it very plain that they certainly don’t need us.

    • Steve Polzak says:

      See? It was like I said, they say to look on the TRU site and its bull again. They just don’t give a yin-yang about us or the product anymore. They think they have moved on to bigger and better things. Ha! I tell you what they can move and they won’t like it.

      Sorry but I am pissed. As kneonkight said, it looks like we have to look and hope for independent firms, small or maybe large and see if someone will be smart enough to do something. All hail the G.I.Joe then now and forever!

      It’s more than just a toy and maybe that’s Hasbro’s problem. They just don’t see the big picture and what it means to so many who’ve given service to our country or had relatives who did. Shame on Hasbro. For all who have been in (or had friends or family) in this country’s military, G.I.Joe stood for something for you. I am sorry for all of us. Hasbro just doesn’t get it. Yes, G.I.Joe is (and was) more than just a toy. Try to have a good day all. And remember, there are firms you can call, write, or e-mail. This is how things get done.

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