1:6 Scale “Wild Boar Skull” [Video Review]

Bottom Line: If you’re a GIjOE collector or 1:6 scaler who’s ever built even the simplest of dioramas, then you can understand how the never-ending search for appropriately scaled props, furniture and other items can quickly become an all-consuming passion for many fans. Fortunately, Joeheads are also known to be a dedicated and close-knit bunch, and whenever a newly discovered 1:6 scale item appears in stores or online, we’re typically quick to share and spread the good news to others. In this case, a 1:6 scale “Wild Boar Skull” has been successfully “tracked down” and it has fantastic diorama potential. For a hands-on look at this new piece, we recommend the 2-minute VIDEO review recently posted over on the Patches of Pride Video Channel. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “1:6 Scale “Wild Boar Skull” [Video Review]

  1. Anonymous says:

    predator trophy

  2. Scott45 says:

    Neat, where’d you buy them?

    • I found them at Walmart. The person restocking told me they had come out at the beginning of the hunting season and were now being moved over to the clearance aisle. They seem like the kind of item you’d also be able to find at sporting goods and hunting stores, like Dick’s, Cabelas, etc.

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