Fan Expectations Remain Low for 1:6 Scalers During This Weekend’s “JoeCon” In Dallas, TX

While better than nothing, the club's "Codename: GIjOE" convention exclusive 2-figure set has generated little excitement among fans who expected something MUCH more creative or inspired for the figure's 50th Anniversary. (Photo: GIJCC)

Is it just us, or do these Joes look bored? While better than nothing, the club’s “Codename: GIjOE” 12-inch convention exclusive set has generated little excitement among fans who expected something MUCH more inspired for Joe’s long-awaited 50th Anniversary. (Photo: GIJCC)

Will it be a Boom or Bust in “Big D?”?

What’s left to say about this that fans don’t already know? Four days of JoeCon 2014 will begin today in Dallas, TX and run through Sunday, April 13th. If you’re going, you’re probably already there, and if you’re not going, you’re probably not regretting missing it much. After all, last year’s JoeCon 2013 in Indianapolis, IN was a great disappointment for most fans of 1:6 scale GIjOEs, and this year’s 12-inch exclusive set has done little to excite anyone. It’s no secret either, that fans of the smaller RAH Joes will be much more likely to attend this show. We wish them all the best as the club continues its undeniable transition into a predominantly 3.75″ fan-based club.

Bottom Line: Whether this year’s convention turns out being good, bad, or in-between, if you DO choose to attend, please feel free to submit written accounts of your observations via email as “field reports,” along with any photos or videos you may take. We’d love to share them with the rest of the world here on The Joe Report. Thanks in advance. And… Go, JOE!


13 thoughts on “Fan Expectations Remain Low for 1:6 Scalers During This Weekend’s “JoeCon” In Dallas, TX

  1. Keith Mayo says:

    As to the 12″ exclusive, a fellow Joehead replicated the set with parts out of his trade box. He even made a 12″ version of Joe Colton.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well, overseas collectors just can’t afford this set. The GIjOE Collector’s Club wants you to join, so for Australia, I think membership is around $90.00 (US), then add the cost of the set!

  3. Roy Jones says:

    These will be on sale REAL SOON.

  4. It seems Joelanta and the D/FW Con are the real JoeCons for 12″ fans.

  5. Anonymous says:

    What is it with all the 3-3/4″ passive aggression? Jealousy? If 12″ collectors actually BOUGHT products from the club, then the club would invest their money and effort into bigger, better products. The club is a business, not a charity; they WANT your money!

    • kneonknight says:

      Well, to be quite honest, if the club would make their offerings affordable and complete out of the package (i.e. no more of this figure in skivvies, and “by the way, you need to shell out another $50 for his uniform and box” nonsense) or stop repurposing Hasbro’s leftovers and come up with more truly original offerings (like the awesome “Unsung Heroes” medic set), then people might actually be more willing to part with their hard earned cash.

      As for “passive aggression’, how would you feel if all you wanted a nice, thick juicy steak, but what everyone offered was tofu? Yeah. It’s not jealousy, it’s disappointment and frustration, pure and simple.

      • David Manganaro says:

        Man, I would be in Heaven if all people offered me was tofu instead of steak! Life would be easy for me!

  6. kneonknight says:

    I like this set, I really do, even with the “Jonathan Frakes with a gun” Joe Colton, but there is nothing at all that is terribly original or exciting about it. I won’t be buying it. $300 is way over the line for what is offered here, and as Mr. Mayo stated in the first comment, you can pretty much cobble together the 12″ figures out of your spare parts box, or just buy a bunch of stuff from Cotswold at a fraction of the cost. Heck, they even made their own tiger-stripe Green Beret for the convention with a custom ‘coffin’ box. Pics available on their facebook page here:

    I imagine that the ‘completist’ collectors will be willing to snap the Club sets up, but I simply cannot justify adding it to my own collection at that price. Unfortunately, Hasbro decided to completely ignore the 12″ collector on Joe’s 50th Anniversary, and I have no doubt that they did what they felt was best for their shareholders. I also have no doubt that this marks the end of any further 1/6 scale product from them as well, at least for the foreseeable future.

  7. Matthew Pak says:

    I have to agree. I’ve really like the club’s offerings in the past but this set just doesn’t live up to the $300 price tag. It should have been an adventure set celebrating the history of G.I. Joe, like recovering a golden artifact from the site of the original Adventure Team Headquarters or something along those lines with Joseph Colton as the main figure.

  8. Ted says:

    If Hasbro ever read the comments on sites like this, would they finally get that they are missing the boat with collectors of 12″ Classic Joe? Seems like a huge opportunity they are passing by with a built in customer base…..very strange behavior for a toy company.

    • kneonknight says:

      Hasbro flubbed the marketing of the 40th Anniversary line, and assumed the poor showing was due to disinterest on the part of the consumer, rather than the fact that we were annoyed at having to buy 2 or 3 packages just to complete one uniform set, and were then left with several unaccessorized figures we didn’t necessarily want or need. Interest in the Classic Collection was also waning because of the continuous cutting of corners and overall cheapening of the figures and accessories. Did anyone enthusiastically embrace the molded on t-shirts? Rather than see this as a reaction to their increasingly miserly production methods, they assumed that the 1/6 Joe had simply run its course. When you add in their outright arrogance and/or apathy toward consumer suggestions for improving the product, it is quite understandable that they reached the absolutely wrong conclusions regarding the 12″ G.I.Joe. If they had actually bothered to ask the public why they were not buying the product, they may have been able to correct their mistakes and turn an acceptable profit again.

      Should they need any proof that the 1/6 scale Joe is still popular, they need only to Google G.I. Joe and hit the “Shopping” button. The number of companies and individuals who are selling vintage, HOF, CC, TC and 40th Anniversary stuff is simply amazing, and many of these sellers have been in business for years or even decades. But, it really doesn’t matter. They provided the product and gladly took our money, and when they decided to pull the plug, we were firmly shown to the door without so much as a ‘farewell’ or ‘thank you’.

      C’est la vie. Cotswold Collectibles still has a vast pile of 1/6 scale goodness for me to dive into!

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