“Auto World” Slashes Prices on Captain Action

A recent press release from Auto World touts their current "Extreme Sale" on all things Captain Action. (Photo: Auto World)

An Auto World press release touting their current “Extreme Sale” on all things Captain Action.

Who wants to be a Superhero? No one more than ol' Captain Action himself, obviously! And one lucky superhero and action figure fan will have a chance to win the exact figure shown in the photo above. According to online 1:6 scale dealer, Patches of Pride, the company has recently announced that it is giving away the brand-new figure (over on its Facebook page) to celebrate an upcoming celebrity interview article to be published soon here on The Joe Report. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

Who wants to be a Superhero? No one more than ol’ Captain Action himself! (Photo: Mark Otnes)

Calling All Captain Action Fans!

You never know where the next great 1:6 scale deal will come from. This week, a bunch of them have popped up over at Auto World (see website HERE). Auto World continues to expand its inventory and reputation beyond selling simply die-cast cars and slot cars and has moved most recently into offering model kits, clothing, and yes, even action figures!

Normally, their pricing isn’t all that special, but for the moment, they’ve got our attention. All of the (new-ish) Round 2 Captain Action figures and uniform sets have been slashed in price during an aptly named, “Extreme Sale.” And while the prices are not “Walmart clearance cheap,” the deals they’re offering are very tempting. Take the deluxe CA figure, for example. It’s been marked down from $39.99 to $19.99! Anytime you can save $20 off a figure is a good deal in our book.

Bottom Line: If you haven’t “gotten your feet wet” collecting the new CA figures or costume sets yet, Auto World’s “Extreme Sale” may be just the money-saving opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Speaking from experience of ownership, we can heartily recommend ALL of the “deluxe” versions of Captain Action, Dr. Evil, Spiderman, Thor, Captain America and Loki. After that, the quality slips a bit, but put these costumes and masks on some of your unused GIjOE bodies and you have instant Marvel FUN. Excelsior! Let Justice be Done!


2 thoughts on ““Auto World” Slashes Prices on Captain Action

  1. Matthew Pak says:

    I purchased the deluxe Dr. Evil figure and I must report that the package was shipped fast and packed well. Definitely worth the money!

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