New “2-Minute Product Review” Video Provides a Hands-On, Closeup Examination of the Work of Filipino “Master of Metal,” Jonathan De Guzman

If you have a 1:6 scale cannabilistic serial killer you need to transport, what better way than with one of Jonathan's outstanding, all-metal human "dollies?" Don't forget the fava beans! (Photo: Jonathan De Guzman)

If you have a 1:6 scale cannibalistic serial killer you need to transport, what better way than with one of Jonathan’s outstanding, all-metal “Hand Trucks?” (Photo: Jonathan De Guzman)

At a time when Hasbro has decided to cease production of 1:6 scale GIjOEs, vehicles and related equipment, fans and collectors are increasingly turning to outside manufacturers, customizers, and other 1:6 scale-related businesses to satisfy their needs. At the top of anyone’s list of the “world’s greatest customizers” would have to be Jonathan De Guzman of the Philippines. De Guzman’s miniature metal works of art have quickly become the “gold-standard” against which all others are struggling to compare (see our in-depth profile on De Guzman HERE).

Remember, Jonathan’s work is 100% handmade, so his prices can seem high to a fandom used to the vacuum-formed plastic, mass-produced in China, economic scale of toy production. However, with less and less 1:6 scale product available, a growing number of collectors have shown they are willing to wait and save ($) for the undeniable honor of owning “a De Guzman Original.”

Bottom Line: The main problem for fans who are still “on the fence” about the cost, is that Jonathan doesn’t have a sophisticated website or catalog. Fortunately, a new “2-Minute Product Review” video recently produced by Patches of Pride provides collectors with a unique opportunity for a closeup “hands-on” look of one of De Guzman’s recent works, a 1:6 scale “Hand Truck.” After seeing the video, any concerns about the worth and quality of De Guzman’s custom creations are quickly laid to rest. Our rating of this product: ♦♦♦♦♦ (5 diamonds out of 5).

6 thoughts on “New “2-Minute Product Review” Video Provides a Hands-On, Closeup Examination of the Work of Filipino “Master of Metal,” Jonathan De Guzman

  1. kneonknight says:

    Wow, Mr. De Guzman has really branched out. I remember reading his posts on another forum when he first debuted his M113, and was very critical of his own work. We were all stunned by the attention to detail, the exactness of the scale, and the general awesomeness of the piece. I spent plenty of time in the old “rolling coffin”, and I can say without fear of contradiction that his model was an exact replica. Now, he’s upped his efforts and branched out into several diverse and equally amazing creations.

    *sigh* I have trouble pasting items into my daughter’s scrapbook, so I can truly appreciate the effort that goes into these masterpieces. If you read this, Mr. De Guzman, know that you have a huge fan in the wastelands known as Ohio, USA.

  2. Ed K. says:

    Amazing work, screams Hannibal Lecter!

  3. kneonknight says:

    Alas, the very materials and level of craftsmanship put it out of the price range of most of us. Which is a pity, but then again, most of us are not really worried about 100% accuracy of parts, equipment, or whatever. We want more toys, pure and simple. Durable, functional toys, yes, but affordable toys above all. Mr. De Guzman fills a niche for those who want and can afford top-end reproductions of real-world objects, while the rest of us will be satisfied with “close enough”. That is not in any way a dig or jab at the artist, merely an observation. Now all we need to do is find someone skilled in plastic molding, sculpting, and easy assembly methods….Any ideas Mark? Anyone?

  4. Mike Nash says:

    Man! He really does fine work. I am sure it is worth every bit of his asking price.

  5. That is amazing work. I am always in awe of people who can make things. I can draw a box, but I can’t MAKE a box!!!

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