It’s a Day of “Super Stats” For The Joe Report!

Bob the statistician. (Photo: ravenwerks)

(Photo: ravenwerks)

A Note From the Editor:

There’s one guy on The Joe Report (TJR) staff that we rarely hear from unless something exciting has happened, and that’s “Bob,” our resident statistician. Typically buried beneath mounds of facts and figures, Bob came running down the hallway today from his tiny office (actually, it used to be a closet) waving a sheaf of papers over his head and yelling at the top of his lungs:

“Wait til you see this, Boss! It’s like the planets have aligned or something. These numbers…they’re…they’re… absolutely AMAZING!”

(Photo: webstaurant)

(Photo: webstaurant)

Startled by his outburst, we sat Bob down and urged him to catch his breath before continuing. I knew this was probably something really big, so, despite the time of day, I asked our new intern, “Tiffini,” to go to the bar in the conference room and bring back some whiskey. We gave Bob a quick shot of “Johnnie Walker Red” and he knocked it back gratefully, slamming the shot glass back down on my desk before proceeding to tell us about a highly intriguing series of statistics, or “numbers” as he liked to call them. What Bob revealed was definitely exciting. It sort of felt like that moment when you suddenly see your car’s odometer turning over from 99,999 to 100,000 miles—really cool! Bob was right. We HAD to share this news with our faithful readers. And HERRRRE it is:

(Graphic: Google Images)

(Graphic: activerain)

Happy 2nd Anniversary, TJR!

Today is our 2nd Anniversary as a blogazine on WordPress! Exactly two years ago TODAY, The Joe Report first debuted across the world’s news readers with a simple little story about 1:6 scale Riddell baseball batting helmets (see article HERE). It was a fun and popular little “find” to be sure. And with that, we were off and running. Happy Anniversary, TJR!

Over a Quarter of a MILLION Views!

Today, our “Viewership” also ticked over 250,000 (to 250,992 to be exact). For ANY website to receive over a quarter of a million visits in only 2 years means it’s an undeniable success. A great big “THANKS” to all of our readers who’ve helped make it all possible.

Thank you for your comments. Keep 'em coming! (Photo: atomicreach)

Thank you for all your comments. Keep ’em coming! (Photo: atomicreach)

1,000 Reader Comments!

Finally, we received our 1,000th reader-supplied comment today. Comments come in from “all corners of the globe” and are always insightful, humorous and informative. If you wonder who was “commenter #1000,” it was longtime TJR supporter, Kent Williams. And yes, Kent will receive a prize for his timely and informative commentary: a FREE (1:6 scale) “unofficial” GIjOE 50th Anniversary t-shirt from Patches of Pride. Congrats!

Bottom Line: Although our statistician Bob has zero tolerance for alcohol, and was pretty much lost to us for the rest of the day, his exciting revelations served to remind us of all the great contributions we’ve receive from our readers. We truly and sincerely appreciate everyone’s input, and are VERY grateful for your support and 1:6 scale intel. Keep it coming, fellow 1:6ers! —Mark Otnes, Editor

18 thoughts on “It’s a Day of “Super Stats” For The Joe Report!

  1. Joseph Benedetto says:

    The Joe Report has definitely been a great service to the 1/6 scale world–and I am not saying that simply because *my* name is Joe. TJR has helped me time and again by giving me info, news and just plain “Wow” stuff about the hobby, all in one place, and making me aware of just how many really cool people and 1/6 scale things there are out there.

    In short: THANK YOU!

  2. Mark Landvick says:

    Congrats!!! I enjoy reading your articles and am always excited to find out what’s new and exciting in the 1:6th world!!! Thanks

  3. kneonknight says:

    Ha! For once being a bombast has paid off! Thanks, Mark, I’ll be sure that t-shirt gets prominently displayed in my collection. To be quite honest, I like your design better than the Club’s version, so I’ll make sure it gets a place of honor in my footlocker after this year is over.

  4. Wayne Faucher says:

    Congrats, Mark on a job well done! Having been lucky enough to have been featured a few times, it’s even more exciting to watch TJR’s popularity grow! Here’s to MANY more years of TJR fun!

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Newton says:

    Congrats on the good news. The Joe Report is definitely a great asset!

  7. GIJOEBILL says:

    GIJOEBILL here. Why are my posts coming up as anonymous? Where do I log back in?

    • Hi Bill, I’m not sure, but I think when you click to add a comment, at that point you have a choice to go with an anonymous icon or upload/select one of your own. You may not have registered or logged in with WordPress. Try it a few more times, looking carefully during each step to see and read about your options. I’m sure you’ll figure it out! —Mark 🙂

  8. Mike Nash says:

    The Joe Report is a great resource for 1/6 scale hobbyists. Congrats on your success and keep up the good work!

  9. Gary says:


    Love the JOE REPORT – I really enjoy catching up on the latest and greatest info from customizers and GI JOE/Captain Action/Action Man fans from around the globe!

    When I see the Joe Report come up on my email….it’s the first thing I open – it always has great stuff in it and I love the break in my busy DAY!

    Keep it going…Fantastic JOB!!!


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