Disgruntled Collectors Airing Protests on Newly Created “50 Years of G.I. jOE” Facebook Group; As “Open Letters to Hasbro” Continue to Pour In

Fans and collectors of 12-inch GIjOEs are beginning to publicly air their displeasure regarding Hasbro's disdainful treatment of an American toy icon on what SHOULD BE its wonderful 50th Anniversary. This group of Joes and their Barbie girlfriends gathered outside the house of collector Laura Ann Ostermeyer recently, waving placards and shouting slogans in hopes of getting Hasbro's attention and receiving the recognition they deserve. (Photo: Laura Ann Ostermeyer)

Fans and collectors of 12-inch GIjOEs are beginning to publicly air their displeasure regarding Hasbro’s disdainful treatment of an American toy icon on what SHOULD BE its wonderful 50th Anniversary. This group of Joes and their families gathered outside the home of collector Laura Ann Ostermeyer recently, waving placards and shouting various slogans in hopes of getting Hasbro’s attention and receiving the recognition they so clearly deserve. (Photo: Laura Ann Ostermeyer)

Unofficial GIjOE "Rabblerouser," Rick Pell, stands outside Hasbro's Worldwide Headquarters building in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Pell recently formed the "50 Years of GIjOE" fan group on Facebook as a way to help others "vent" their frustrations towards Hasbro's apparent indifference to 12-inch GIjOE collectors. (Photo: Rick Pell)

Unofficial GIjOE “rabble-rouser,” Rick Pell, stands outside Hasbro’s Worldwide Headquarters building in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Pell recently formed the “50 Years of GIjOE” fan group on Facebook as a way to help others vent their frustrations regarding Hasbro’s apparent indifference towards fans and collectors of 12-inch GIjOEs. (Photo: Rick Pell)

Frustrated Fans Finding Ways to “Vent”

Whether they’re young or old, men, women or children, the authors of the various comments and “open letters to Hasbro” currently pouring into the newly created 50 Years of GIjOE (50YOG) page on Facebook, reflect a widely diverse group of collectors with one unifying purpose—a desire to show respect and reverence for the original 12-inch version of GIjOE. Much like the signers of the Declaration of Independence, each of the so-called “50-yoggers” is fearlessly contributing his or her own uniquely written testimony to the group’s growing “permanent record,” which is targeted directly at the executives and other “suits” currently controlling Hasbro. Many of the new group’s members openly confess they are confused, even dumbstruck, by the toy company’s recent (in)actions concerning GIjOE. Others prefer to wax nostalgic, throwing yet another emotional plea onto an already growing “pyre of persuasion.” And the rest? Well, they’re just plain annoyed—and angry!

And who can blame them? For over a half a century, profits from the sales of GIjOE have been filling the coffers of Hasbro’s ever-burgeoning bank accounts. For ANY product, that reflects a great deal of hard-won customer loyalty and valuable “brand equity,” built up over a very long time (50 years!). But to the “shock and awe” of millions of dedicated and devoted GIjOE fans, the very same ones who grew up with and (still) fervently LOVE the original 12-inch version, 2014 is turning out to be the year that Hasbro decided to bluntly, almost cavalierly—cast them aside.

What would the original "Hasbro Boy" think of the company's 2014 decision to turn its back on the iconic 12-inch action figure that made the company such a great success? We doubt he would be pleased!

What would the original “Hasbro Boy” think of the company’s 2014 decision to turn its back on the iconic 12-inch action figure that made the company such a huge success? (We doubt he would be pleased!)

A Major Corporate Blunder? Definitely.

To squander such high levels of brand loyalty (and equity) by telling your past customers to essentially “take a hike,” is almost unthinkable to other, less fortunate companies. And yet, that appears to be exactly what Hasbro is doing. Instead of producing something resembling ANYTHING to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of “America’s Movable Fighting Man,” short-sighted, penny-pinching executives at Hasbro appear content to simply skip right over the occasion, hoping that no one (of importance) will notice. In fact, during last week’s “new product announcements” made during New York’s industry-wide Toy Fair, eager fans of Hasbro’s 12-inch GIjOE were met only with stony silence and corporate indifference. Fans of the “little Joes” are (for now) still “safe,” but if you weren’t interested in Transformers, Star Wars, Legos or the diminutive 3.75″ Joes, you were out of luck.

Possible Protest Petition Planned?

As was so clearly demonstrated by fellow fan, Tearle Ashby (see previous article HERE), it only takes ONE dedicated Joehead to stand up and make a difference. It’s easy enough for fans to sit on the sidelines and grumble, but nothing ever happens or changes unless and until someone stands up and says, “Enough is ENOUGH!” In this case, that “one” may be longtime GIjOE fan and collector, Rick Pell. Having received no apologies or words of encouragement from Hasbro, a clearly disappointed Pell decided to create the all-new 50YOG Facebook group so that other frustrated fans would have a place to share (or vent) their stories of frustration. According to Rick:

50YOG Facebook group organizer, Rick Pell. (Photo: Rick Pell)

50YOG Facebook group organizer, Rick Pell. (Photo: Rick Pell)

“I’m a GIjOE collector and I’m trying to get Hasbro’s attention to show that there are MANY collectors out there who are really dedicated—and disappointed—that Hasbro hasn’t done anything for the 50th Anniversary of GIjOE. To this end, I’ve started a new Facebook group (see HERE) that I invite all of you to join if you want to approach Hasbro and see if they will celebrate the 50th birthday of the 12-inch GIjOE we all grew up with. We are serious about GIjOE, and his 50th Anniversary will be remembered with or without their support. I live 2 miles from Hasbro’s corporate offices, so if we get enough members and feedback, I will personally go to Hasbro with our requests!” —Rick Pell
Reactions to Pell’s urgings have ranged from polite requests, to calls for petitions and outright protests against Hasbro. Here are a few of the comments and “open letters” he’s received so far:

“I say we go out in front of Hasbro’s HQ and hold up 12 inch boxes like picket signs and scream at them until they make 12 inch figures.” —Jared Fabie

GIjOE fan and collector, Carin Reddig. (Photo: Carin Reddig)

GIjOE fan and collector, Carin Reddig. (Photo: Carin Reddig)

“Dear Hasbro – I grew up in the 1970s and even though I was a Barbie-loving girl, I was equally as crazy about GIjOE. Many happy memories playing ‘war’ with both painted-heads (hand me downs and yard sale finds) and fuzzheads. I thought the Sea Wolf was just about the coolest toy ever made! I have supported every Joe line ever made; Super Joe, RAH, Sigma 6, you name it. But NOTHING replaces the original 12-inch Joes and nothing ever will. You can’t throw a Mike Power figure into the KREO line and think that is a fitting tribute to Joe’s 50th. He deserves MUCH better—and so do I!” —Carin Reddig
GIjOE fan and collector, Joe Martin. (Photo: Joe Martin)

GIjOE fan and collector, Joe Martin. (Photo: JM)

“Hasbro, your lack of ANYTHING to celebrate GIjOE’s milestone anniversary is pathetic and an insult to every kid who ever owned the world’s first action figure. It’s also a slap in the face to all of your former employees who helped create and nurture the line throughout its various incarnations. Shame on you!” —Joe Martin
GIjOE fan and "playscaler," Laura Ann Ostermeyer. (Photo: Laura Ann Ostermeyer)

GIjOE fan and “playscaler,” Laura Ann Ostermeyer. (Photo: Laura Ann Ostermeyer)

“Dear Hasbro, I am 45 years old and can honestly say that 1:6 scale playscale is a hobby that is growing in leaps and bounds in popularity among all ethnicities and economic backgrounds, all over the world. Many fans are sharing this hobby with their children and grandchildren who will in turn, share it with THEIR kids. I feel like so many times, America, ignores its history. I know ‘play’ has changed so much from when I was born in 1968, but there are certain traditions that can still exist—if we believe and let them. For you to ignore GIjOE—especially its original 12″ incarnation—is a travesty. There are multitudes of us who would still buy him. Please think again before totally ignoring his 50th Anniversary. Thank you!” Laura Ann Ostermeyer
“I just don’t get it. What are you thinking Hasbro? Your company was built on GIjOE, and by that I mean the ORIGINAL, 12-inch military-themed, booger-pickin handed action figure. Along comes Joe’s 50th Anniversary and what do you do? Release some 3.75-inch Joes. Huh? What’s up with that?” —Keith Mayo
GIjOE fan and collector, Joe Uffner. (Photo: Joe Uffner)

GIjOE fan and collector, Joe Uffner. (Photo: JU)

“Dear Hasbro, you really should honor the toy that made you the company you are today. Bring back the 12-inch Joes and equipment sets to go with them. It worked back then and I’m sure it would work now. There are PLENTY of those folks around, plus collectors and kids, who would still eat that stuff up.” —Joe Uffner

Jim Haupt’s poignant photo comic perfectly captures the hurt feelings of fans and collectors of 12-inch GIjOEs in 2014. How sad! (Photo: Jim Haupt) Click to enlarge.

“GIjOE was a favorite action figure for me as a child, and I’m STILL collecting vintage 1960’s-1970’s Joes. This is its 50th anniversary, so I would like to see Hasbro make a 12-inch GIjOE to help mark this important milestone. I hope you have plans to include 12-inch GIjOEs in some sort of 50th celebration, Hasbro. If not, then SHAME on you!” —Jim Haupt
GIjOE fan and master chef, W. Michael Morgan, works intently on a culinary creation at his restaurant "around the corner" from Hasbro headquarters in Pawtucket, RI. Unfortunately, his recent conversation with a highly-placed Hasbro rep didn't produce nearly as nice a result as his superb cooking. (Photo: Phillip McKendall)

GIjOE fan and master chef, W. Michael Morgan, works intently on a culinary creation at his restaurant “around the corner” from Hasbro headquarters in Providence, RI. Unfortunately, his recent conversation with a highly placed Hasbro rep didn’t produce nearly as nice a result as his superb cooking. (Photo: Phillip McKendall)

Bottom Line: Hasbro’s unfortunate actions are undeniably short-sighted and ultimately—bad for business. To turn away vast numbers of adult customers, armed with deep pockets and readily available credit cards, for yet another “reimagining” of GIjOE as some sort of “virtual warrior” in 3D video games (or whatever) will end up costing the company untold future profits and lost goodwill. Instead of strengthening GIjOE’s brand equity, it seems likely to weaken it instead. Hasbro is saying “good-bye” to more than just a lot of money. Sadly, the most revealing quote of all came from one dejected 50-yogger Joe fan who happens to work very close to “the front lines.” We leave you with his not-too-rosy description of a recent personal encounter:

“I had a very special customer this afternoon at the restaurant. I work in downtown Providence, RI, around the corner from Hasbro HQ. Let’s just say his last name began with an H and ended in ‘feld.’ Questions about the anniversary of our favorite action figure were met with hostility and grumbles. I guess whatever we get from the national club will be all we’ll be seeing.” —W. Michael Morgan

41 thoughts on “Disgruntled Collectors Airing Protests on Newly Created “50 Years of G.I. jOE” Facebook Group; As “Open Letters to Hasbro” Continue to Pour In

  1. Keith Mayo says:

    Hasbro’s offering of some 3.75 figures for Joe’s 50th Anniversary is just as if the ghost of Ed Sullivan appeared on CBS last Sunday (Feb 9th – GET IT?) and announced, “And now. Right here on our stage – we salute the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles’ very first appearance on our show. So now, without further ado, here they are – The Rolling Stones!!!!!

  2. gijoeadventureteam1212 says:

    Yeah, FIGHT THE POWER!!!!

  3. Matthew Pak says:

    The only thing I will say in defense of Hasbro is that maybe the lack of 12 inch figures was already a done deal. It’s possible that Toy Fair is more of a showcase for items already committed to by big retail chains rather than the “Look at this new toy, buy me” that was the market of 50 years ago. I still say that it was a major blunder not to do SOMETHING with the classic toy on the 50th anniversary, even if it was just re-using the 40th molds for a limited exclusive or licensing out the 50th rights to another manufacturer like Hot Toys or Sideshow.

  4. Omar says:

    I am in shock and dismay that the “big H” would essentially tell its fans a hearty “screw you,” especially after we’ve made Joe what he is. If our parents, friends, and later ourselves, didn’t buy GIjOE, the big H would be out gobs of money. Regardless of what you played with growing up, the 12″ Joe is the mainstay of the series, the icon of the toy world, and for Hasbro to piss on us like this shows a complete lack of intelligence by its CEOs.

  5. Jack Arnold says:

    Well, if HAS-BEEN is going to turn their backs on us 12″ collectors, I’m SURE ebaY and oher sources are going to be LAUGHING ALLLLL THE WAY TO THE BANK!!!!

  6. ruby says:

    Man, I got a good slap in the face! THANK U HASBRO, I’M PISSED AND UPSET. We want 12-inch GIjOE. Bring them back!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Mark!
    Rick P. AKA Joeman, Joemanri.

  8. Roy Jones says:

    When Hasbro did the 40th anniversary I had a feeling there would be little to none for the 50th. I’m not liking the fact that I was right. Sometimes it’s not good to be right. However not issuing anything gives the completist collector relief. Good chance to catch up on all that great and If I do say so better Action Man re-release.

  9. kneonknight says:

    As many of you know, I am also disappointed by Hasbro’s decision on this subject, but I have also come to realize that they simply do not care about our feelings, and no amount of social networking groups, petitions or signatures is going to change that fact. For good or ill, the suits at Hasbro have decided to wash their hands of the 12″ Joe. Many of the more astute collectors saw the omens foretelling this when Hasbro released those awful, barely articulated “inaction figures” a while back. (Unfortunately, I had a stubborn streak of optimism, and didn’t want to believe that G.I. Joe would be abandoned by the very company that created him. I have since repented of such foolishness.)

    Does this mean the end of the 1/6 scale hobby? Of course not. I have made the decision to support companies such as Cotswold Collectibles and Patches of Pride, as well as several other less visible customizers and firms that provide tons of vintage style gear and clothing. The future of our hobby is in our hands and those entities I just mentioned will supply us with the goods. It’s our hobby, and it’s up to the collecting community to keep it alive and growing.

    As for me, since Hasbro has decided that they don’t need me, then the question is: “Do I need Hasbro?” I think it’s pretty obvious what my answer is…since there are so many other companies and individuals willing to supply me with plenty of 1/6 scale goodness in exchange for the cash Hasbro apparently doesn’t need, then that is where my hobby dollars are going to go.

    Bottom line: Giving in to outrage and despair is going to solve nothing. Instead, check out the many vintage and custom items for sale on the web, and try your hand at creating your own. Hasbro gave us the middle finger, by taking the initiative to create our own G.I. Joe legacy, we give it right back, with both hands.

  10. Mark says:

    I bought a ton of 40th stuff and one day will figure out where to put it all. Had Hasbro done an interesting 50th figure, I would have bought it, too. The key word is interesting. Thank heaven for the 40th line, now that Hasbro has abandoned 12″ collectors.

  11. Anonymous says:

    It is embarrassing. I can’t think of a another company that would not embrace their customers, the very ones that made it successful and are STILL willing to buy their products. Not saying something massive, but at least acknowledge the anniversary and make 4 Joes (one for each branch). We’ll have cake and ice cream and enjoy what I DO have! —GIJOEBILL

  12. Roy Jones says:

    I just read that they are doing something for the 50th and I am completely disgruntled over this. I would rather have nothing than for Hasbro to slap 50th Anniversary logo’s on 3.75 “Military Star Wars Knock Off” figures that had nothing to do with the original 12″ military line. This is ridiculous!

  13. Neil U says:

    Greatly surprised and sadly disappointed. I like so many others would have loved for Hasbro to roll out the red carpet for GI JOE’s 50th…Criminy! Hope my family recognizes mine! Unfortunately the problem lies with us, as collectors and lovers of the Action Figure that led us all on so many great adventures we all have romantic dreams of how we would have handled the 50th. But as a great pointy eared fella once said, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of a few.” The almighty $Greenback$ has trumped us all. Thankfully there are plenty of private entities who will give us a little ointment for our wounds…thanks to you all who are creating that ointment.

    • kneonknight says:

      Well said, Neil. And you’re absolutely right, we do owe a debt to those who are making reproduction parts and adding new ideas and concepts to the hobby. Especially us poor folks who are creatively challenged and can’t sculpt or stitch our own accessories.

  14. Trent says:

    I really hope the club is serious in looking into a kick-starter figure, and not just giving us lip service to quiet us down. It is a GREAT idea and definitely needs to be tried. There have been a whole lot of great suggestions, and I want all of them. But if this is to be a successful operation, it needs to be something that can be done, without a massive outlay of money for production costs. We all have to realize that we have to get behind a consensus figure to make it a viable operation for the Club.

    I want an “aged” adventure team, the rest of the lost talkers, the soldiers of the world, and a complete State Trooper, but they going to take an awful lot to do. For the first figures, my choice would be the original four as “aged” soldiers, with anything but nose-picker hands, in coffin boxes with carded dress uniforms, medals, gold dog tags and “50th anniversary” on the boxes. But even this would take a lot of time and money to accomplish.

    So I am going to propose a single figure, which I feel is within the club’s ability to produce and will not end up costing customers too much money, AND is a true representation of the line: an aged General Joseph Colton. He should be in a dress uniform with medals, non nose picker hands, gold dog tag, coffin box with appropriate artwork showing “50 years of GIjOE.”

    • kneonknight says:

      I would have to respectfully disagree, as J. Colton is part of the RAH, and thus ineligible for anything to do with the 50th Anniversary of G.I. Joe. You have to remember that part of Vintage Joe’s iconic status was that he had no preconceived identity, no biography, no codename, no canned personality. He was a vehicle of imagination which allowed kids to put him into any situation or role assigned to him, often changing it up every few minutes as their minds took flight. You can’t do that with the preprogrammed 3-3/4″ line. Their character and background are preset, and you can’t even change their uniform to represent a different branch of service, or even give one a parka to ward off Arctic cold. Grunt will always be Grunt, no matter what.

      • Trent says:

        I totally agree with you. As I stated, I would prefer the 4 original figures “aged” with dress uniforms, but a single figure is much easier for everyone to get behind (and for the club to produce). Rather than pick one branch of the service, I thought a compromise was in order.

        I didn’t like it when Colton was used as the 30th anniversary figure, but he was, and has been retrofitted into Joe’s history. They dressed him as a green beret and said “Here is your 30th figure.” Wrong yes, but at least he was a 12-inch figure.

        Now we have NOTHING. My hope is that at least the club can give us a figure in time for Christmas, the day that most of us received our first Joe. I’m down for whatever figure is finally decided on, but there are an awful lot of really big wishes being made on the club’s website and the chances of getting something that’s 100% new, or a multi-figure set, or “never before reproduced equipment” are all very slim. So I proposed the Colton figure under the old KISS doctrine, in the hopes of getting SOMETHING done.

        The Club is most likely our only hope. I’m extremely doubtful that Hasbro will give us anything!

        • kneonknight says:

          Honestly, if someone wanted to do a really top notch 50th figure set, the model should be the 35th anniversary “Then and Now” package for each of the four branches of service. On the left (Then) side would be a TC Sailor, Soldier, Airman or Marine, and on the right (Now) would be an empty space. Not only would we get a nice basic figure, but also a historic reminder of the current status of the REAL G.I. Joe.

          Yeah, I’m a sarcastic old fart, just deal with it. 😉

  15. Ed K. says:

    I’ve been a Hasbro supporter for as long as I’ve been playing with toys, starting with Gi Joe in the AT fuzzhead era and through out. I can’t believe with as big a deal as Hasbro made of the 30 and 40th anniversaries, books, figs, etc, that they would just take and dump out on the one line that made them who they are. Its just shameful corporate American greed!

  16. kneonknight says:

    I’ve had a couple of days to reflect on this issue, and have a couple of other thoughts I would like to share – first, yes I do understand that Hasbro is, above all, a business, and has a duty to its shareholders to make money for them. If the accountants and market analysts don’t see a potential for profit, then they are not going to back any idea, whether it is Joe related or not.

    Second, I feel that Hasbro’s top decision makers have missed a golden opportunity for some solid publicity and customer relations by not having a 50th Anniversary 12″ commemorative. In the business world, it is all too easy to see the immediate bottom line and how many zeros are behind the initial digit rather than having an appreciation for the long term effects an acknowledgement of the public will bring.

    For me, this was the pinnacle of my growing frustration and disillusionment with Hasbro as a whole, and it will be a very long time before I buy any of their product at retail or online again. I was taught long ago that the dissatisfied customers do the most damage to your business, not the ones who makes a public display of their unhappiness with your product or services, but the one who silently takes their business elsewhere.

    Guess which customer I am, Hasbro.

  17. Mike Nash says:

    I am having a lot of fun with the Facebook group. I do not really consider myself “disgruntled,” but I AM disappointed in Hasbro’s decision not to offer 12″ GIjOEs to commemorate this anniversary. I figured there would be SOMETHING.

    • kneonknight says:

      HAH! You said “figured.” Heck, even an official Hasbro t-shirt, poster or commemorative booklet would have been better than the vacuum we have. I mean, really, if Mark can make up a bunch of 1:6 scale shirts and GIVE them away, why can’t a multi-billion dollar company produce some token acknowledgment of GIjOE’s 50th?

  18. W Michael Morgan says:

    Thanks for the mention Mark. Not sure on the “Master Chef” part. I’m good, but not near the level of the master I apprenticed under. My meeting on the 9th was a sharp reality check as a GIjOE fan. I just hope Hasbro will take notice. Because Only GIjOE is GIjOE!

  19. Yeah, unless you’re Transformers or My Little Pony, Hasbro doesn’t care.

  20. It is very unfortunate that Hasbro has its head so firmly up its ass that it fails to recognize this milestone anniversary of the toy that made their company what it is today. All I can say is screw Hasbro for ignoring the fans that have supported it for years.

  21. Troy O says:

    As a fan of the “little Joes”, I was disappointed that there was no 12″ offering for the 50th anniversary or at least something that combined the currently more retail-able 3.75″ Joe and the original Joe idea, a 3.75″ Adventure Team or Action Pilot or something along those lines.

    But in the end, Joe fans were lucky to get anything at all. If not for Toys ‘R Us stepping up, there wouldn’t be any 50th Joe product period. And this resulted in a line that was obviously thrown together quickly, which is why there are a lot of repaints.

    In no way is it a 50th anniversary line, that’s just the marketing thrown on to it.

    The 3.75″ scale was chosen because that is what the current market will support in the numbers that TRU probably required. The toy market itself seems to be leaning towards the 6″ scale as the predominant toy size. So the 3.75″ could soon pass to the wayside.

    It’s the way the market works. Things rise, fall, and get replaced. Sometime soon the “little joes” (which can be taken as a derogatory term in reference to the scale, which is funny coming from someone who was complaining about unfair treatment as a 12″ scale collector) that I collect and favor will stop being made and something else will replace it.

    If there is any segment of the Joefandom that is getting dissed the most it’s O-Ring collectors. Their preferred style of Joe isn’t even being made by anyone, Hasbro or the Club.

    At least the Club still makes 12″ figures and soon enough they’ll probably be the only source for 3.75″

    Hasbro, if they want Joe to survive (and sometimes that is in doubt) and thrive in the future, they have to find a new way of getting the key demographic: kids. They need to turn the kids of today into the fans of tomorrow.

    In other words: make a new US.

    Did Hasbro drop the ball? Without a doubt.

    But I think it goes beyond just not having something to truly celebrate the 50th with. I think they dropped the ball in not having something ready to start a whole new generation of G.I. Joe. That would have been the best way to celebrate the 50th, something that combined all aspects of Joe and paved the way for the future.

    I’ve always said, since getting back into the Joe game with the 25th, that I want to be at Joecon someday argueing with my son and grandson about whose version of Joe is the best.

    I want my Joe to survive for as long as possible, but what I want (and what I think all Joefans should want) is the brand to survive as long as possible. And if that means my Joe falls to the wayside, so be it.

  22. Troy O says:

    Oh and that last quote:

    “I had a very special customer this afternoon at the restaurant. I work in downtown Providence, RI, around the corner from Hasbro HQ. Let’s just say his last name began with an H and ended in ‘feld.’ Questions about the anniversary of our favorite action figure were met with hostility and grumbles. I guess whatever we get from the national club will be all we’ll be seeing.”

    Of course it was met with hostility and grumbles, he was trying to have lunch. Do you like to be bothered when you’re just trying to eat lunch? No. So why bother someone else?

  23. Jay says:

    The 12″ figures that they released for the 30th sat on shelves everywhere. They went clearance. They didn’t make any money. So why would they put money into something that’s a guaranteed loss? I understand that your part of the hobby isn’t represented anymore. But it’s dead. The collector set that you represent is dying off. You cannot expect a company to cater to a couple hundred people. Even the GI Joe club is sitting on unsold 12″ sets. That’s the reality that you are refusing to see.

  24. kuukuuson says:

    This article was just brought to my attention. It is a well written article and I agree on all points. I am also saddened that the year is almost up and no change has been made public to alleviate the lack of 12″ jOE in the marketplace.

  25. Claire says:

    I’ve played with and bought GI Joes since I was in mid grammar school. I think they stopped selling them because some a**hole offended person (or persons) think it’s too much like real war! Well of course it is!

    These dolls celebrate our military in a very unique way. Now all that remains are figures dressed as bad and stupid looking enemy dolls and doing just as much destruction as they do. Why would a hero dress up like its Halloween and do dumb stuff?

    I truly believe this is totally a political cop-out because of “libturds” who don’t want guns to look like guns! I’m pissed! Especially because my ex-husband stole my Duke desert storm with stand and a Marine in full dress blues also with a stand! And threw them away just to hurt me!

    Now I have to pay $100 or less (or usually more) for just one figure. No f’in way. Who’s running the GI Joe department anyway? Some Jihadist or other “towel topper?” I’m very unhappy that an American hero has stopped being made for no good reason except there’s the offended people out there.

    Come on Hasbro, what kind of wimps are you?

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