Sideshow Collectibles Thanks Fans in New Video

Have you ever wondered what it looked like “behind the scenes” at Sideshow Collectibles? And exactly WHO makes all of their wonderfully detailed 1:6 scale action figures based on our favorite movie and TV stars, superheroes, aliens and monsters? Well, in an entertaining “Thank You” video recently released by the company, eagle-eyed fans finally get a chance to sneak some quick peeks into the company’s various rooms, workshops and warehouses. It’s an enjoyable (but all too brief) insight into one of the best 1:6 companies in the world.

Bottom Line: When you’re through watching the video, you’ll want to say, “Thanks!” right back to ’em for all of their great work. And be sure to check out that amazing “Queen Alien” sculpt in the background. WOW! Game over, man!


7 thoughts on “Sideshow Collectibles Thanks Fans in New Video

  1. Matthew Pak says:

    I love it! But what’s with the Cobra Commander holding the “sorry” sign? Was there some controversy about their G.I. Joe product that I missed?

  2. kneonknight says:

    No doubt about it, Sideshow is king when it comes to ultra-detailed, excellently sculpted and outfitted figures. My sticking point is the price, not because they aren’t worth it, but as regulars here and in The Trenches know, my collection is a ‘hands-on’ collaboration with my young daughter, and as careful as she is with ‘daddy’s toys’, I don’t think I could turn one of those gorgeous works of art over to her for an afternoon in the back yard. So, until she’s much older or loses interest in our shared hobby, I’m afraid Sideshow is off my list, no matter how badly I want to include their pieces.

    • Wayne Faucher says:

      Kneon, I always had a special box of figures that were for my daughters only; ones that I wasn’t allowed to mess with. That way, I could have a few “daddy’s only” figures as well. It’s up to you if you want to bring exclusivity into your situation, but it worked for us. Mine are both away at college now, so I know how fast the time goes!

      • kneonknight says:

        *Le Sigh* Time is, as they say, ephemeral. It’s really not that big a deal, I actually enjoy sharing the “Joe fun” with my wee monster. I just would feel guilty hiding my “good stuff’, if you know what I mean. Besides, I want her to enjoy toys as toys, not as something to be handled with kid gloves. Sideshow isn’t going to go away in the next four or five years, and then I can start a new ‘vintage’ hobby. See? Always planning, always plotting…now if only I could get the wife on board for this craze. In fairness, she just bought an antique sideboard and has no idea what it was actually used for. It currently houses my AH6 Littlebird and a Formative International jeep rather than a chafing dish and relish tray. But don’t tell her.

        Good to see you, btw, and I hope the New Year has been and will continue treating you well.

  3. GIJOEBILL says:

    While I am a Vintage Joe Collector…..hats off for them acknowledging their customers.
    Helllooo Hasbro!!???

  4. kneonknight says:

    I’m with Bill…Hasbro doesn’t necessarily owe us anything as far as the 50th goes, but a simple nod in the direction of the collectors and fans that spent their hard earned cash on Joe and his accessories over the years would be a nice gesture.

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