Patches of Pride Owner Announces Company’s Plan to “Spread Joe Karma” By Giving Away 365 Free Prizes to Customers, 1 Per Day, During 2014

opjoekarmalogoIn an audacious plan of goodwill and fan fellowship, Patches of Pride (PoP), a manufacturer of 1:6 scale miniature patches, decals and related miniature accessories, has announced its intention to “help spread Joe karma” in 2014 by rewarding 365 of its faithful customers and fans with free gifts. According to PoP company founder and representative, Mark Otnes:

“We were sitting around the office the other day, just talking about how we felt Hasbro had ‘dropped the ball’ bigtime for GIjOE’s 50th Anniversary. That led to kicking around ideas about what, if anything, we could do to help rectify the situation.

Someone pointed out that the national GIjOE club was hosting JoeCon 2014 in Dallas, but to be honest, nobody seemed to be very interested in attending. Most felt fans of the original 1:6 scale GIjOE had been forgotten and excluded from the activities at the 2013 JoeCon in Indy, and there was little desire to repeat that experience.

So… after about an hour of back-n-forth grumbling, we realized that if anything substantive was going to be done in 2014 to honor and respect GIjOE’s 50th Anniversary, it would have to have to come from the fans— and be FOR the fans, aka ‘Joe karma.’


That’s when a lightbulb went off. After we had  replaced it with a new one (HA), an idea came to us… GIjOE is all about being helpful, heroic, and making people happy. So what better way to honor that tradition than by giving BACK to the very fans who made its success so long-lasting and worthwhile? That’s how ‘Operation: Joe Karma 2014’ was born. In addition to donating $1 (from every order received over $25) to the USO, every single day during 2014, we’ll be giving away free prizes to our customers, ranging from store credit, to gift certificates, vintage comic books, GIjOE action figures, uniform sets, equipment packs, and even vehicles. We’re even going to surprise fans following us on Facebook. It’s going to be quite a ride in 2014!”

Bottom Line: As far as we’ve been able to determine, no other 1:6 scale-related company has EVER made such an abundant, year-long offer of “Joe karma” to its fans and customers. And the company’s donations to the USO are like icing on the cake! Patches of Pride continues to break ground with its efforts to reach out and “give back” to fellow fans and collectors of GIjOE, Action Man and related 1:6 scale action figures. If you’d like to learn more about PoP’s “Operation: Joe Karma 2014,” we recommend you go HERE now. And…Happy 50th Anniversary, GIjOE!


7 thoughts on “Patches of Pride Owner Announces Company’s Plan to “Spread Joe Karma” By Giving Away 365 Free Prizes to Customers, 1 Per Day, During 2014

  1. GIJOEBILL says:

    Wow!!!! That is a awesome thing your are doing!!!
    Thanks for what you guys do!!!

  2. Matthew Pak says:

    Nice. What a great way to start the new year!

  3. Mark Landvick says:

    I love it!!! But I don’t have a Facebook account? 😦 I asked my wife to subscribe to your Facebook page. My boys and I are huge fans!!!

    • You don’t have to have to have a FB account. But thanks for the “likes” anyway! It’s just important to make sure you’re “on my radar” somehow so that whenever we drop a “karma bomb” it has a chance of dropping on YOUR front porch! And the best way to do that is by placing an order at PoP so that your email address is automatically placed directly into my inbox (aka the “prize hopper.”) But if you don’t want to place an order, that’s no problem, because as I said, I’ll also be “targeting” PoP fans over on Facebook and the faithful readers and subscribers of The Joe Report as well. Thanks for all your support, Mark! Love your name. HA! —Mark 🙂

  4. kneonknight says:

    I must add that Mark is on the ball when it comes to this…no sooner did I reply than my prize was in my mailbox, I kid you not.

    In all seriousness, please support the USO whether it be through Patches of Pride or by private donation. Those folks worked hard to make a few holidays overseas more than bearable for me and my brothers and sisters in arms. They are a little slice of home for those far from it, and deserve any little bit you can spare.

  5. Anonymous says:

    i love to get one of those free t-shirts for my gi joe , just realised i have around 4 or 6 of the orignal gi joes that are now 50 years old!!
    cant beleive HASBRO didnt do anything for the 50th ann.
    christopher russell

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