Christmas 2013 “Stocking Stuffers”———All-New 1:6 Scale Accessories———Available in U.S. Stores Now!

Raquel Castro's assorted Ken dolls model 3 of the new 1:6 scale Christmas scarves now available at all Target stores. (Photo by )

“Playscale Miniaturist” Raquel Castro used her assortment of Ken dolls to model three of the six new 1:6 scale Christmas scarves, currently available at most Target store locations. (Photo: Queli)

A closeup of Target's new "Drink Scarf Set" containing 6 holiday-patterned 1:6 scale scarves, perfect for GIJOE, Action Man and yes, Barbie! (Photo: Queli)

A closeup of Target’s new “Drink Scarf Set” containing 6 holiday-patterned 1:6 scale scarves, perfect for GIJOE, Action Man and yes, even Barbie! (Photo: Queli)


We love receiving hot tips from our ever-growing pool of dedicated and keen-eyed 1:6 scale TJR “Field Reporters.” This time, intrepid investigator and moderator of the famous “In the Pink” Barbie forum, Raquel Castro, sent us the following breaking intel which should set many of you scrambling for your car keys and credit cards. Here’s what Raquel had to say:

“Dear Mark, I have been reading The Joe Report for some time now and I really enjoy it. I’m a dedicated ‘playscale miniaturist’ and am always interested in finding new ‘minis’ for my 1:6 scale dolls. Just recently, I found these miniature Christmas scarves at Target in their seasonal section (the one with all the paper plates and cups).”

The other three scarves look great on these Barbies. Imagine them on your GIjanes and Joes! (Photo: Queli)

The other three Target scarves look great on these Barbies. Imagine them on your GIjanes! (Photo: Queli)

“I apologize that there are no Joes in any of my photos. I wasn’t thinking in terms of your blog when I took them. I’ve never sent The Joe Report any photos before because I’ve always felt that my 1:6 scale ‘finds’ were more geared toward Barbies and not GIjOE action figures. However, from now on, I will let YOU and your readers decide if something I find is ‘Joe-worthy’ or not. Thanks again for your wonderful blog. Keep up the good work and have fun with Joe!”

What are you getting YOUR 1:6 "hotties" for Christmas this year? It's a no-brainer that she'd love all four of these superb copper ornaments, including a skillet, collander, baking pan and jell-o mold. Out-STANDING quality! (Photo: Queli)

These four new copper cookware Christmas tree ornaments are now available from Williams-Sonoma and include a skillet, colander, baking pan and jello mold. MUCH better than your old cheap, pink plastic kitchenware. Eh, Barbie? Imagine how the cooks working down in GIjOE’s “Mess Hall” will react when they see THESE miniature metal masterpieces. Mmm, GOOD! (Photo: Queli)

Don't forget: The miniature cookware are being sold at William Sonoma as ornaments. You may not see them on shelves and may need to look in tree displays to find them (or buy them online). (Photo: Queli)

The miniature cookware are being sold as Christmas tree ornaments, but have far greater 1:6 potential. (Photo: Queli)

Real Copper 1:6 Scale Cookware

In addition to the nifty 6-pack scarf set, Raquel sent in photos of some beautiful miniature copper cookware in PERFECT 1:6 scale. As is often the case this time of the year, the cookware is actually being sold as Christmas tree ornaments, but fans and collectors of 1:6 scale will want to pounce on these four new pieces for use in their next food-related diorama. Imagine the realism they’ll bring to a mess hall, general store, or camping diorama. Too cool!

Bottom Line: Our sincerest thanks to TJR field reporter, Raquel Castro, for her keen and quick “heads-up” regarding these exciting new 1:6 items. Be sure to pick up a 6-pack of mini-scarves the next time you’re in Target, or some of those superb copper cookware ornaments in Williams-Sonoma (also available online HERE). Happy hunting!

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