G.I. Joe + Masters of the Universe= Marriage? YES!

We Now Pronounce You—Skeletor and Wife.

What do you get when you combine one woman’s love of RAH GIjOEs with one man’s love for an even schlockier 1980s toy line (The Masters of the Universe)? In the case of one happy couple, their mutual love of toys, cartoons and cosplay has now led them all the way—to the altar. According to a short story recently posted over on the “Geeks Are Sexy” website:

“Laura and Kevin fell in love over a year ago over their love of cosplay, comics, and ’80s cartoons. They are both frequent con-goers, but Kevin wanted to make this past New York Comic-Con extra-special for Laura, so he planned an elaborate ‘scene’ that even involved Laura’s dad. After members of Cobra surround Scarlett, Kevin comes to her aid — and makes her an offer she can’t refuse!”

Bottom Line: Thanks to eagle-eyed TJR Field Reporter, Louis F. Lapointe, for his heads-up on this heart-warming demonstration of “The Power of Joe” and “The Scheming of Skeletor.” We wish the future couple all the best and a lifetime of geeky happiness. Go, Joe! And…Go, True LOVE!


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