At 9,000 Words & 60 Color Photos (6 Exclusive!), Upcoming Interview With John Stork, aka “Hyper-Strike” Will Be Biggest Joe Report Article EVER!

hyperbannertjrsiteA short word from the Editor:

Greetings from the Bullpen! Usually, we like to keep things here at The Joe Report short and sweet. But our upcoming interview with celebrity John Stork, aka “Hyper-Strike” from Syfy TV’s “Who Wants to be a Superhero?” took on a life of its own and became the largest, most in-depth article we’ve ever produced. In fact, this project eventually became SO extensive, we had to call in our entire staff, and superheroic efforts on all of their parts were required to finish it by press time.

Similarly, we weren’t sure if Mr. Stork could handle everything we were throwing at him. But as on the show, he stoically stood his ground, clenched his fists, and with great grit and determination quickly fired his answers back to our proofreader’s inbox, where soon we were looking at REAMS of exciting “Q&A.” By now, you’re probably asking, “What’s the Bottom Line?” Well, if you’re at all interested in action figures, superheroes, comic books, martial arts, manga, or reality television, then you’re going to LOVE reading this interview! Be sure to check back on Monday, November 25, 2013; because here at The Joe Report“It’s Always FUN. And It’s Always FREE!”


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