Hot Toys Reveals Prices for New Batman & Robin


Pre-orders are now being accepted by major online retailers for the new 1966 Batman and Robin 1:6 scale action figures being produced by Hot Toys (final prototypes shown above). Photo: Hot Toys

Attention all Bat-fans! Your wait is almost over! Fans of the 1960s classic TV show, Batman, and superhero fans and toy collectors in general, will ALL be happy to learn that the all-new, 1:6 scale Batman and Robin action figures from Hot Toys have been green-lit and the factories in China are busy producing them as we speak (see final samples above).

Bottom Line: According to the trusted online 1:6 scale retailer, Cotswold Collectibles, the price for Batman has been set at $205, and Robin at $190. We thought this exciting bit of Bat-news warranted a Bat-poll. Tell us what YOU think about these figures and their current retail prices:


One thought on “Hot Toys Reveals Prices for New Batman & Robin

  1. Wayne Faucher says:

    Where’s the “It’s all too expensive but I guess I’m gonna cave, even though I’m not too happy about it” category? I’m not thrilled about spending probably $1000 on this stuff (not sure what the price of the Batmobile will be yet, but I can guess). But I know the prices will only go UP from there….This is just like when the 40th Joe stuff came out; I knew it was what I’d been waiting for and I would have kicked myself if I’d missed it, even though it stung!

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