John T. Marshall, Renowned Author of “G.I. Joe and Other Backyard Heroes,” Stuns Fans With Plans to Sell-Off His Entire G.I. Joe Collection

Author and "Joelebrity," John T. Marshall, has announced he intends to sell-off all of his GIjOEs on his Facebook page. (Photo: John T. Marshall)

Renowned toy book author and “Joelebrity,” John T. Marshall (49), recently announced intentions to sell-off his entire GIjOE collection, starting on Facebook and then on ebay. (Photo: John T. Marshall)

Marshall's book, "GIjOE and Other Backyard Heroes," shows many of the vintage items to be included in the sale. (Photo: Schiffer Books)

Marshall’s book, GIjOE and Other Backyard Heroes, shows many of the vintage items to be included in the sale. (Photo: Schiffer Books)

“Joelebrities” Lining Up—to Sell-Off

In an exclusive announcement made to The Joe Report yesterday, esteemed and respected GIjOE fan, collector, expert, and author, John T. Marshall (NJ), has announced his intentions to sell-off his ENTIRE vintage (and famous) GIjOE collection. It was the second such announcement made this month by a noted “Joelebrity.” Earlier this month, a similar announcement was made by the son of the ailing GIjOE superfan and collector, James DeSimone.

Is this the start of some sort of “sell-off” trend among collectors of vintage toys and GIjOEs in particular? Or is it purely a coincidence that two such famous Joeheads would go down the same “dark path” at the same time? (Hum the Twilight Zone theme music here) We contacted Mr. Marshall and he graciously agreed to the following interview:

Comic Book Hero Toys by John T. Marshall (Scheiffer Books)

Comic Book Hero Toys by John T. Marshall
(Schiffer Books)

TJR: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us today, John. Could you tell us WHY you’re having this big sale?

“The truth is, I’m a TERRIBLE collector. I get restless and I like to ‘flip’ collections. GIjOE, then superheroes, then movie memorabilia, then back to GIjOE again.”

TJR: How will you conduct this sale? Through ebay, a local auction company, or…?

“It was only when I rejoined the GIjOE collector community (via Facebook) that I saw the love and dedication—and expertise—that fans have for all things Joe. That’s when I knew that anything I had of real rarity or value should go to you guys—where it will ALWAYS be appreciated for the fantastic stuff that it is. So…I’m selling and offering it to the GIjOE community on FACEBOOK first.”

Collecting Monster Toys by John T. Marshall (Schiffer Books)

Collecting Monster Toys by John T. Marshall (Schiffer Books)

TJR: When will your big sell-off begin and how will you handle it?

“The sell-off began on October 14th and will include EVERY collectible object in my possession. Primarily, loose and packaged vintage GIjOE stuff. I’m previewing it all on my Facebook page called,’ John T. Marshall’s Vintage Adventure Figures’ HERE and members of that page can (and have) submitted offers. Any collectors who aren’t members are encouraged to join the page. Anything left on January 1st will go up on eBay.

Action Figures of the 1960s, by John T. Marshall (Schiffer Books)

Action Figures of the 1960s by John T. Marshall
(Schiffer Books)

TJR: And your goal on ebay will still be a complete “sell-off?

“EVERYTHING will go. I have decided that collecting things simply takes too much time away from my creative projects. As I stare down the big 5-0, I’m very aware of how quickly time is passing and I feel like I’ve not been as productive as I could’ve been in the last few years.”

TJR: Once you’ve sold-off all of your GIjOEs and toys, will you be writing more books?

“Once in a while I get asked by my publisher for book ideas, but I feel that the Internet has become the great repository of information on collectibles. I have joined many toy-related Facebook pages and there are many collectors who are walking reference guides. I thought I knew everything, but after a few months on Facebook, I realize I only know ALMOST everything!”

The DVD cover of "Slammerella," an independent film by John T. Marshall (Photo: John T. Marshall)

The DVD cover of “Slammerella,” an independent film by John T. Marshall (Photo: John T. Marshall)

TJR: Will you be working on creating more comic books then, or…?

“Probably not comics, but movies DEFINITELY. I tried my hand at filmmaking a few years ago and made a micro-budget comedy called Slammerella. I’d never expect anyone to pay to see it (if anything, just the opposite) but it’s pretty decent for a first try and very well acted. Several of the people in it went on to much bigger things.”

TJR: Sounds great! Any final words for your fans in the GIjOE collecting community?

“As passionate as I am about vintage toys, I simply cannot juggle career, family, filmmaking AND collecting GIjOEs. So collecting had to go. But I will ALWAYS love vintage toys and I intend to stay as active as I can on the Facebook boards, with my usual mix of arcane knowledge and cheap jokes!”

Bottom Line: So there you have it, Joeheads. Two famous GIjOE collectors are now selling off their entire collections—at the same time. One due to health concerns, the other due to mid-life crisis and career wanderlust. We wish them both the best, but remember… If you want to nab some of Marshall’s famous Joe-swag, you’ll need to start by “liking” his Facebook page first. Whatever’s left after the initial run-through, will then go over to ebay. Good luck and Happy Hunting! Our best wishes and thanks to John T. Marshall for his contributions to this article. 

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4 thoughts on “John T. Marshall, Renowned Author of “G.I. Joe and Other Backyard Heroes,” Stuns Fans With Plans to Sell-Off His Entire G.I. Joe Collection

  1. GIJOEBILL says:

    I hope you keep at least one Joe!! I get the minimalist concept. After losing 99% of what we had, I have no idea how quick time flies and you accumulate so much stuff.

    That said, I don’t think I could part with my Joes and my awesome wife supports me in this hobby. So yeah, I get it……….but got to have my Joes.

    Even if it’s just one. Okay, maybe one of each branch of the service. And got to have a Jeep.
    I will also need some gear……..and…………..

  2. James says:

    I’d love to see what he has for sale, but I’m not on Facebook. Any plans to put the items on an open forum?

  3. Chris Short says:

    A year later, I would like to say John’s sale was an awesome experience. I got to add several of his Joes and Joe-related items to my collections. More importantly, I bought many of his non-Joe vintage action figures, getting an education in the process. I hope to buy at least 2 of his reference books soon as well. John is probably one of the nicest and most honest collectors I have met in this hobby and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

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