Look Out, G.I. Joe! All-New, 12-inch, 1:6 Scale “Action Jackson” Line Now in Development

actionjacksonfullfig’70s Figure to be Reinvented as Modern-Day 12″ Adventurer

He’s bigger. He’s better. He’s BADDER! You’re looking at the first prototype pics of an all-new, 1:6 scale “Action Jackson” (AJ) action figure, currently in pre-production at ZICA Toys. For action figure buffs who can still remember the 1970s <snicker>, at that time, Action Jackson was considered to be somewhat of a joke.

Originally manufactured by Mego, AJ was just a little guy, only measuring 8 inches in height. His uniforms, equipment and playsets were all inferior to GIjOE’s and the line died a quick and merciful death on toy store shelves. To GIjOE fans, AJ was considered a mere “knock-off” toy, not even worthy to carry Joe’s ammo box. But just look at him now—WOW!

We have a strong feeling ZICA’s new Action Jackson doesn’t plan to follow his predecessor along the road to retail oblivion. Rather, judging by the sneak pics they’ve released so far, the company’s plans for the new figures are more along the lines of a Tom Cruise character in Mission Impossible. It’s easy to imagine this guy firing grappling hooks, climbing castle walls, shooting guards with his silenced glock, and using assorted techno-gadgets to gain access to the bad guy’s lair (spy utility belt, anyone?). In other words, a modern-day, adventure-seeking, Action Jackson!

The original Action Jackson was inferior to GIjOE in every way. The figure was lame, the packaging was lame, even his logo was lame. When you're this bad, there's no where to go, but UP! (Photo: Mego)

The original Action Jackson was inferior to GIjOE in every way. The figure was lame, the packaging was lame, even his logo was lame. When you’re this bad, there’s no place to go— but UP! (Photo: Mego)

Learning From MEGO’s Mistakes

With Hasbro “dead in the water” in terms of 12″ GIjOE lately, it’s exciting to see a lowly ’70s GIjOE “knock-off” being “reimagined and reinvented” so effectively, and rising up to re-challenge its former rival once again. Will this new line succeed? Time will tell. ZICA is an up and coming toy company, and it’s owner, Craig Owen, may just have the creative forward-thinking genius to pull it off.

If you’ve never heard of ZICA, currently the company focuses on reproducing the smaller, 8″ MEGO “retro” action figures. According to their website:

“Not only will ZICA Toys try to make its mark in the world of licensed action figures, it also has big plans to enter into the increasingly popular CUSTOM action figure market by offering high quality bodies, parts, and accessories.”

Four "test heads" for ZICA's new Action Jackson line of 1:6 scale figures, sporting four different hair color options. Which is YOUR favorite? (Photo: ZICA Toys)

This great closeup shows four prototype “test heads” for ZICA’s new Action Jackson 1:6 scale figures, sporting four different hair-color options. Which is YOUR favorite? Hmm… (Photo: ZICA Toys)

Further intel has also been provided by ZICA’s top exec, Craig Owen, who revealed that Action Jackson may need a little financial assistance from his fans in order to get off the ground again:

“The concept figure shows the look we’re going for in terms of style and level of detail. The line is still a long ways off, but it’s definitely high on our priority list of projects. The prototype head sculpts are in the early stages of development. After looking around for stock bodies from other companies, Dave (at Cast-A-Way Toys) and I decided we should make our own 1:6 scale body. Odds are, we’ll probably run another Kickstarter campaign at some point to (hopefully) help get the ball rolling faster on this project.”

exclusivebannerFLASH! Just after this article “went to press,” Mr. Owen wrote in with the following additional intel, EXCLUSIVE to The Joe Report:

“I’m very excited to see that the Action Jackson line is getting a lot of attention from the G.I. Joe crowd. At this point, the line is still in the very early stages of development so there’s really not a lot I can say about it (for now). We’re trying to get the 8″ line to market first, because this is what we were able to get funded through Kickstarter. Once the 8″ line is in full production with product available at retail, the plan is to move forward with the 12” line.

Basically what we want to do is take elements of the G.I. Joe Adventure Team and Big Jim’s P.A.C.K action figure lines, and bring them into the world of Action Jackson. It will have action/adventure, horror and sci-fi. Probably the best way to describe it is we’re bringing a G.I. Joe like Adventure Team into the world of Jonny Quest.

Any and all help we can get from the G.I. Joe collector community is greatly appreciated. We love to hear suggestions and want to do as much as we can to make the collectors and fans happy. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates and once we actually have product available I’d be happy to do an interview with you!”

Bottom Line: Thanks for the exclusive, Craig. We wish you and ZICA Toys all the best with your efforts to revive and reinvent the Action Jackson line in 1:6 scale. In the meantime, we’ll leave you with this (hilariously bad) Action Jackson TV commercial that originally aired waaay back in 1971. Hopefully, it will serve as a timely and cautionary reminder on what NOT to do with Mr. Jackson (theme song’s not bad, though). 

11 thoughts on “Look Out, G.I. Joe! All-New, 12-inch, 1:6 Scale “Action Jackson” Line Now in Development

  1. jason says:

    I would love one of these!!!! I Never had an original, as they where never for sale in Britain (not outside of London at least).

  2. Great to hear from one of our readers in the UK, Jason! And you’re right, I doubt Action Jackson was ever widely available in Britain.

  3. Matthew Pak says:

    This is GREAT news for G.I. Joe fans! No, seriously! If these 12 inch figures do well you KNOW that Hasbro will wake up and start issuing 12 inch G.I. Joe “Me Too” product. Remember when Max Steel came out in the late 1990’s and all of sudden we had “The Adventures of G.I. Joe 2010?”

  4. D7ana says:

    I like the figure with black hair best. Nice face, too. I enjoy seeing realistic action figures.

    Hoping that you will get the support to create additional heads, especially Black and Asian heads.

  5. Samuel Huger says:

    I agree totally with D7ana. There should be AA and Asian headsculpts I once owned an AA Action Jackson, back in the day.

  6. Mike Nash says:

    Just saw this! I hope Zica can pull it off!

    OMG…”Probably the best way to describe it is we’re bringing a GIjOE-like Adventure Team into the world of Jonny Quest.”

    I think I am gonna swoon! lol

    • Hi Mike, Thanks for your comment. Take some smelling salts if you need them to stay conscious. HA. And be sure to click on the “FOLLOW” button at the bottom right of the blog to make sure you never miss anything! —Mark

  7. cb james says:

    Action Jackson needs a Carl Weathers Headsculpt, maybe that will be the AA version. If production looks as good as these protos, and we get a good AA sculpt, I’m in.

  8. kneonknight says:

    How on Earth did I miss this article? I hope these plans actually come to fruition, just looking at the headsculpts already has me imaging AJ in an updated Adventure Team. All we need now is a clean-shaven African-American and Caucasian, and a bearded African-American.

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