Toys ‘R Us “Takes a Pass,” Forcing New Captain Action “Wave 3” Wolverine & Iron Man Costume Sets To Be Sold Online and in Comic Shops Only


Ed Catto, of Round 2, waits to answer fan questions during a CA panel discussion held recently at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con. (Photo:

Round 2 Rep Drops Bomb on Fans

If you’re a fan and collector of the new 12-inch Captain Action line of toys, comics and other merchandise (and aren’t we all?), then you’ll want to know the following intel about Cap’s upcoming “Wave 3” sets and figures. Let’s get right to it with a “hot of the presses” update from Round 2 and CA head honcho, Ed Catto

“We wanted to let you know we will NOT be selling Captain Action’s Wave 3 line at mass retailers. Rather, we’ll be selling the wave via online retailers, comic shops and hobby shops. For Wave 3, Toys ‘R Us has told us they want to ‘take a pass.’ However, we ARE planning to sell them Wave 4, with the Batman and Superman outfits. So, to paraphrase Arnold—We’ll be back.”


A beautiful model at the SDCC holds up one of the show’s exclusive new “coffin box” Dr. Evil figures. Wave 3 appears to indicate the start of a new cost-saving strategy for Round 2. Less packaging equals less expensive products which could mean greater profits! (Photo:

Smoke Clears, Writer Recovers

Phew! (crawling out of bomb crater, wiping forehead) That was close. Oooh…so dizzy… Give me a minute to restart my heart with the office defibrillator.

CLEAR!…ZZZZAP! Once more…

CLEAR!…ZZZZAP! (beep—beep—beep)

Okay, I’m back. For a minute there Ed, it sounded like you were setting us up for the dreaded, “We’re going out of business” speech. But thankfully, it was only… Anyway… Sorry for the interruption. Please continue, Mr. Catto…

“We want to play it straight. We’re disappointed, but it’s not the end of the world by any means. As you know, Toys ‘R Us has always had a lot of troubles with our brand. They didn’t merchandise it consistently across all stores; the figures were often not placed with the costume sets; the Marvel sets weren’t with the Marvel toys, and their division could never list it correctly, nor get it up on their site in a timely fashion. Toys ‘R Us is struggling as a company and has a LOT of internal issues to work out.”


1960s Captain Action store displays were undeniably bright, attention-getting and graphically powerful. Unfortunately, Round 2 and Toys ‘R Us both failed to utilize such displays for the toy’s modern-day marketing, leading to lower overall sales at the retail store level. (Graphic: stewartsattic)


This close-up of the new, slimmer, “Wave 3” CA packaging, reveals an excellent “neo-retro” use of classic Marvel comics artwork. Superb! (Photo:

What Captain Action Fans Should Know

Until the release of the Batman and Superman CA sets, Catto advises collectors to remember:

“If you shop only at Toys R Us, make plans to pre-order the Wave 3 items at your local comic shop or from one of our many online retailers. Comic shops will be placing their orders soon, so now is the time to tell them that you want to reserve your Wave 3 purchases.”

Okay! No problem, Ed. We can do that. We’re sitting at our computers right now anyway, so it’s a lot easier to simply click on a few “add to cart” buttons than it is to drive all the way across town to an old, decrepid toy store. But please remind us again what to expect in Cap’s upcoming “Wave 3.” And will this reshuffling of your retailers make its availability scarcer, or…?

“We will be producing LESS quantities of Iron Man, Wolverine, and the Codename: Action CA figure, so this wave will probably be our most collectible yet. Without the Toys ‘R Us basic quantities, quite frankly, we’ve had to dial back the production run. This should help the collectors-market down the road. Also, we think that many folks will want to get the Iron Man and Wolverine sets to complete their Hawkeye Build-a-Figure/Assemble-an-Avenger parts, so demand might be stronger than anticipated.”


The two newest costume sets for Captain Action, Iron Man and The Wolverine, will come in the new, slimmer packaging that marks them as part of CA’s “Wave 3.” (Photo: Click to enlarge.

Bottom Line: We’re not surprised to hear that Toys ‘R Us is struggling, or that Round 2 is being forced to revise its Captain Action marketing strategy as a result. And Mr. Catto’s correct about the potential demand for Wave 3 sets being stronger than any before. We recommend you heed his advice and jump on the “pre-order” button over at webstores such as the BigBadToyStore. As of today, they had a great combo-offer ($35.99) for the Wolverine and Iron Man sets (found HERE). Thanks for all the updates and intel, Ed. Our continued best wishes. Let Justice be Done!


21 thoughts on “Toys ‘R Us “Takes a Pass,” Forcing New Captain Action “Wave 3” Wolverine & Iron Man Costume Sets To Be Sold Online and in Comic Shops Only

  1. Gary says:

    Wow – Being a HUGE Captain Action fan….it is good to know the team at Round 2 is moving forward with our beloved costumed character! A huge help (as well as an expensive venture .. I suspect) will be the addition of vehicles, tools and/or special gadgets to add to his armamentarium. Hopefully, those additional items made in smaller quantities may also help restore and drive demand for our “ideal” non-super human hero! As always…..let justice be done!

  2. Conner says:

    Curse you Toys R Us. It was such a thrill to see CA in the aisles. Nevertheless, can’t wait to see the continuing adventures of Cap.

  3. Ed Catto says:

    Looking to be in comic shops on November 13th. Thanks to all you loyal fans!

  4. Conner says:

    Grr. Just got back from my local comic book shop where I had preordered all 3 new releases. They said they won’t be in now until Dec 25th. That put a downer on my day:-(

  5. Thomas Perdue says:

    CA has always been a great toy and action figure. I’m still trying to get a response on what date the stores will be stocking their shelves with the new Round 2 DC comic hero suits Like Batman, Superman and whatever else.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I was disappointed to find out that the picture advertised by many outlets for Ironman is not what we receive. The photos look great and are totally different than the package you get….in particular the mask.

  7. Thomas Perdue says:

    I started another collection of Captain Action and once again they’re nowhere
    to be found, thanks to ToysRUs. It goes to say if you can’t keep something on the
    shelves, then you order MORE. I’ve even tried to get CA Enterprises to just get an address to where I can order this toy, with no reply. I need a place that I can order the action figure. Thank you.

    • Thanks for writing, Thomas. It’s true, CA is currently having trouble staying in ToysRUs. For that reason, they are most often sold online. There are many websites you can try. We’ve used “Cotswold Collectibles” and “Stewart’s Attic” before when purchasing our Captain Action stuff, and have had great success with both. Check around, we’re sure you’ll find the figures and uniform sets are easily found online. Happy hunting and “Let Justice Be Done!” —Mark

  8. I’m one of the biggest C A fans there ever was. When I was a kid the best Christmas I ever had included the Captain. I played with him until until he finally broke the band inside his chest.
    I was heart broke. Until mom found them again at sears and replaced it. My favorite suit was Superman took forever
    But she finally found one. I loved that toy after that one wore out he couldn’t be found lost for good no store had any
    Anywhere . I’m now 56 yr old and just found out they brought the Captain back. Just as I started another collection. Toysrus jerked the rug out from under him again. Please help me find the outfits I’m searching for the new round 2 ironman Batman round 2
    And the new Superman please E Mail me with the info. Thank you.
    Thomas Perdue

  9. One more thing what date and what store will have the round 2 Batman And
    Superman outfits there the finest suits I’ve ever seen. Thank you. Thomas.

  10. Looking to find date and place of new outfits.

    • ted says:

      I wish I could tell you when the Superman/Batman costumes will be available. Since the Iron Man/Wolverine costumes took so long to finally become available, who knows when wave 4 will arrive! Also can we be confident that we will be able to complete the DC Aquaman costume? Lets face it, Batman/Superman is an easy sell for TRU.

  11. Yes! Happy days are here again! Captain Action & Dr. Evil are back and hopefully to stay! I’d like to see the return of the Silver Streak as well as Dr. Evil’s “Lab Set”. Too bad about what happened w/ Toys ‘R Us. You win a few and lose a few. Oh well….

  12. Billy Action says:

    I wish no one any ill will, but don’t blame TRU. What a HUGELY squandered opportunity this third incarnation of Captain Action this has been. Where Playing Mantis was shackled with only getting the rights to 4th-tier-at-best character licensing they at least nailed the production; so much so that it drove the price of original figures and accessories down because many could not be distinguished from the modern “clones.” The retooling of Cap’s face and the redesign of the packaging and general cheapness of the costumes with Marvel’s blessing, no less, is a shame to say the least. Old collector’s like myself want nothing to do with the incongruous new sets and kids probably will pass Iron Man over for the superior figures other toy companies are producing. This is the end for Captain Action for good, I fear.

    • Thomas Perdue says:

      If you’re a true fan, then you’ll stand by CA no matter what. I’ve been a fan since I was 6 or 7 and now I’m 56 with kids of my own and they love the Captain too. It’s a great toy and they just need to keep their promises about the outfits and it’ll grow on kids once again. I would rather have the Captain and his outfits than a factory-made superhero any day. I’m sorry that CA Enterprises is losing fans when they could avoid it by listening to them. But this is just my opinion.

  13. Once again I find myself leaving my comments on one of the best toys I ever seen. I have collected a total of
    seven, all with a different outfit. Still the only complaint I have with them is that all seven have very loose limbs. They are hard to get to pose and hold guns hammers or anything else they come with. To strengthen the arms and legs would make a great improvement to a already great toy. Thank you. Thomas

  14. Thomas Perdue says:

    OK, another week passes and still no reply on how and WHEN I can purchase the new Batman outfit for Captain Action. What gives? Is there ever going to come a day when this great looking and (in my opinion) BEST idea for an outfit for the Captain will come out of the workshop? CA toymakers don’t need Toys ‘R Us to make this outfit. Just make the new figures and new outfits (including Batman) available to the public. Stop promising outfits and never making them available for purchase! Most fans will be happy to order right off the website. So just make it possible and stop all the worthless “promising.” Thank You! —Thomas

  15. Come on, Ed! Real Captain Action fans have been waiting for a long time for the information on how and where we can finally purchase one of the new Batman outfits. They look great. It’ll be one of the hottest selling toys there ever! Just get them on the shelves for God’s sake. With all due respect, we’re tired of seeing what’s coming but never makes it to the stores. Thank you very much.

  16. Thomas Perdue says:

    Any news on the new Captain Action Batman outfits? It’s been several months. Just wondering. If it’s possible to buy one, please send me the info. Thank you!

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