Hasbro Has No Plans For 12″ G.I. Joes in 2014?

Recent interview with Hasbro Exec casts dim light on prospects for 12-inch GIjOEs in 2014

Derryl DePriest is a longtime fan and collector of the original 12-inch GIjOE and is the author of The Collectible GIjOE. (Photo: Courage Books)

In this short video, famed toy blogger PixelDan conducts an energetic interview with renowned GIjOE expert and Hasbro executive, Derryl DePriest. Unfortunately, what the two DON’T discuss looms much larger than what they do. The two met recently at the Comic Con in San Diego (DePriest’s 36th!), and during their discussion, DePriest repeatedly states that Hasbro is now solely focused on its line of “Retaliation” movie tie-in figures and the (preschooler) line of KRE-O toys. Only towards the end of the interview does DePriest (reluctantly) reveal that yes, there will be “some surprises” in store for GIjOE in 2014.

Bottom Line: This video is sadly intriguing for what it DOESN’T reveal. Neither PixelDan nor DePriest ever mention the original 12-inch GIjOE. It’s as if our beloved 1:6 hero has vanished from the Earth—again. C’mon, fellas, what, if ANY, are Hasbro’s plans for Joe’s upcoming 50th anniversary? Or the toy’s future production in 1:6 scale? Who would have thought that after 50 years and BILLIONS of dollars in sales, America’s Movable Fighting Man would’ve morphed and devolved into a toddler’s Lego clone, and that its creators would be unable (or unwilling) to create (or promote) new 12-inch Joes that aren’t connected to a pair of so-so motion pictures?


16 thoughts on “Hasbro Has No Plans For 12″ G.I. Joes in 2014?

  1. Joe Essid says:

    Sad, but true: Hollywood produces blockbusters tied into toys, and toys are played with during fewer and fewer years of childhood. We “old dudes” who kept at the hobby for 50 years deserve something. I’d hope Hasbro would at least release something limited-run for us.

  2. John R. says:

    50th Anniversary 12″ reproductions HAVE to be the “surprise” DePriest is talking about. If not, then it will be the most disappointing year of G.I.Joe, vintage or Anniversary type figures. It is “a MUST” that Hasbro make something from the original 12″ line to commemorate its 50th Anniversary. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing a vintage vehicle reproduced with a figure or a popular themed set, something cool like the 1969 “Mouth Of Doom” or the Adventure Team “Coils Of Doom!”

  3. NFCJD says:

    Maybe Sideshow will make an update of the first GIjOE for the 50th if Hasbro doesn’t…

  4. I hope there will be something! 12-inch collectors do have Cotswold Collectibles and sites like that, but the 12-inch version is the original and Hasbro shouldn’t forget what brought them to the dance. So many fans have collected 12-inch since their childhood and deserve something, and most can’t afford to shell out Sideshow prices, even some Walmart or K-mart exclusives. Come on Hasbro, don’t smack us in the face! I want my life-like hair with kung-fu grip GIjOEs, or do what you did when you put out 12 versions of the Real American Hero line! Other companies are putting out something you created and doing a better job! If we have to go to another company, that’s money you could have made! Hasbro has made some poor decisions lately, from poor distribution, to poor quality (like the Marvel legends brand)! Listen to the collectors. At the end of the day, thats where your buck stops!

  5. Robert says:

    Well there is a company called Sideshow that’s making nice 12-inch Real American Hero GIjOEs which still keep w/the ’60’s line in quality, detail and accessories. Also, a company called Hot Toys has stepped in w/the Movie 12-inch GIjOEs w/Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Road Block and Joe Colton, all highly detailed.
    In the interview, Hasbro is trying to keep to a price range of $25.00 to $30.00 dollars and I am not expecting much. Hopefully, retailers such as Target and others will want more exclusives produced of 12-inch vintage figures.

  6. Rudy Panucci says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the content of that interview. Derryl was there to push the second wave of Retaliation toys and pimp the DVD release. The interviewer seemed a bit oblivious to anything from before 1981. I can’t see Hasbro totally blowing a chance to get GI Joe mentioned heavily in the media in a year between movies.

    I don’t have inside info, but I can’t see Hasbro skipping the 50th anniversary. They may botch it and do something awful, but they’ll at least try.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think the only “Wave” us 12″ Collectors will see will involve a middle finger.
    I hope not but…….not counting on much.

  8. Arsonhound1 says:

    We have seen the rise and fall of many toy manufacturers. The up and down of Hasbro and
    its GIjOE line. This not new and I feel if the Joe’s out in the collectors world demand something from Hasbro, you will see some movement. Not much, but a little. I found interesting the talk about other firms, their movement into the Joe field with its action figures. They are good looking but they still are not the Joe’s I had come to love and collect and sell. The 50TH Anniversary year of Hasbro’s GIjOE may be one we will all remember with joy or shake our heads and seek new`sources for our beloved Hero GIjOE.

  9. tito says:

    They (Hasbro) should release the rest of the outfits that weren’t released in the US and some reproductions of the nurse, Super Joe, cop and race car driver along with action team figures.

    • J. Marion says:

      I agree. It seems like something was missed BIG time when they didn’t finish their run on the original GIjOEs, i.e. the rest of the accessories, and collectible sets that were left out of the originals. If we don’t say anything, they won’t do anything. A well done reproduction on the originals? Yes I would pay a little extra to have at least the conclusions to the balance of the accessories and sets. There are those of us that started with the originals and don’t forget. Lots of the younger newcomers were just as excited to purchase the reproductions of the originals as we were. Don’t miss the boat Hasbro! Take a hint: It will surely be a good thing (the 50th anniversary). Sincerely, J. Marion (first GIjOE purchased in Eureka, MO, March, 1965)

  10. t says:

    I would love to see a clone of the original 1/6th prototype figure that has the crazy painted up head.

  11. Roy Jones says:

    We all would like to see something happen. 50 is a big anniversary year so I am sure something will be done. BTW I am back in the hobby after a long hiatus so those of you who know me I say hello and how are you? Mark and Rudy

  12. Anonymous says:

    Who cares? I have been snatching up vintage GIjOEs on ebay. The new ones are garbage and have no value whatsoever, IMO. I know many of you don’t collect for resale, but if I pay $30-$40 for something only to get .99 cents for it later, no thanks.

    • Roy Jones says:

      Well, not too many of us buy a car for resale later, but it does help to get something after you buy it, so I understand your point. I think that the replicas do have a place in the hobby though, mostly ones that are hard to get, because not everyone can afford to lay out 250.00 for a complete Annapolis cadet.

      When you get to the level of collecting “rarities” then you are going to want originals anyway, and by that time if you can’t tell them apart, then GI Joe collecting is probably not for you. I am sure that you would have also amassed a nice collection of doubles and triples to help pay for those rarities.

      There is a place for replicas in the hobby. Take the scuba sets for example. 90% of the originals are gone now and there is nothing wrong with displaying a repro wet suit (except of course those real thick ones) with vintage accessories. It’s only rubber.

      What they should have done is release the ones they never did or ones they planned to, like the Action Pilot “Aircraft Mechanic.” I also believe that every collector would buy a nurse if it was done right, same box, same accessories, same figure. It is too expensive to buy and is almost dead last on every one’s check list unless they came across it being lucky or real cheap.

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