10 New 1:6 Scale Props and Accessories You Can Find Online or in Stores Near You———Right Now!


FIND #1: It’s “Joe vs. Joe” during a tense game of Chinese Checkers. This outstanding 1:6 scale prop features 3-D marbles that are actually painted and permanently fixed into position, so you don’t have to worry about losing them. Highly detailed, it’s sold as a Christmas tree ornament, and is available year-round in Christmas specialty stores nationwide. (Photo: Mark Otnes)


FIND #2: While out looking for 1:6 scale game ornaments, keep your eyes peeled for this superb Checkers set. Like its Chinese cousin, the tiny 3-D game pieces are painted and permanently affixed to the board, so you’ll never lose them, making it a quick and easy set up. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

Are you in need of a
1:6 Scale “Quick Fix?”

Builders of 1:6 scale dioramas are always on the lookout for new props and accessories. No matter what the item’s original purpose, if it fits into our marvelous miniature creations, we’re definitely interested. If you’re such a collector-customizer-creator and the current dearth of “official” 1:6 scale merchandise has you feeling a little down, we want to help you out. Here then, are a variety of new “1:6 finds” that you can pick up online and at stores near you:

1:6 Scale Games

Games are always good items for dioramas. They help create an instant scene (see photos above) or work equally well as background “fodder,” helping to establish a mood in any scene or environment. The first two finds we’d like to recommend are a pair of Christmas tree ornaments. They’re actually little sculptures of games, made of a dense plastic that closely resembles painted wood, are highly detailed and ready to use. The tiny marbles and checker pieces are all part of the sculpts, so you’ll never lose them. Simply toss the ornament hooks, place the games into a diorama scene and you’re done! A nice contrast to all the plastic-n-sticker keychain games out there. Price: $7 each. Rating (out of 5): ♦♦♦


FIND #3: At 1:6 scale, this wrench features superb details and is spot-on perfect. Sold as a keychain in most hardware stores. Remove the rings and it’s ready for use. (Photo: Mark Otnes)


FIND #4: These metal pliers make a great 1:6 scale tool. Use ’em as is, or add a little paint to their handles for more visual  “oomph!” Either way, they’re GREAT! (Photo: Mark Otnes)

1:6 Scale (Keychain) Tools

Let’s face it. Whether 1:1 scale or 1:6 scale, you can never have too many tools. If you’re not aware of these already, you need to know about a new series of hardware store keychain mini-tools (see wrench version above) currently available in stores and online. We can’t show them all here, but each tool is cast in solid metal and features superb details. So far, we’ve seen an ax, wrench, hammer, screwdriver, power drill and pliers. Great for GIjOEs. Price: $4 each. Rating (out of 5): ♦♦♦


FIND #5: While these Apple laptop pocket mirrors are a tad over-sized, once they are set up with a figure they manage to look pretty convincing. We recommend you cover the mirror with some detailed computer graphics to complete the effect. (Photo: Mark Otnes)


A little smaller than a deck of cards, but a little larger than 1:6 scale, these attractive Apple laptop pocket mirrors open up to reveal a detailed keyboard and mirrored screen. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

(Almost) 1:6 Scale
Apple Laptop Pocket Mirrors

We stumbled across these on the internet. They’re little mini-mirrors for women’s purses that are made to resemble an (almost) 1:6 scale Mac laptop computer. At first glance, they seem too big to use with GIjOE, and probably are if you’re a perfectionist. But open one up, set it on a table next to a Joe and it looks pretty darn good! We were pleasantly surprised how quickly it “fooled the eye,” and we’re sure creative customizers out there will quickly cover the mirror with a nifty high-tech computer graphic, furthering the laptop illusion even more. They’re a tad pricey, but that ultra-detailed keyboard and Apple logo make it a superb prop for any diorama. Price: $10+. Rating (out of 5): ♦♦♦


FIND #6: The Coca-Cola Ice Bucket Christmas Tree Ornaments are in PERFECT 1:6 scale and features finely detailed logos, realistic-looking ice cubes, real metal handles and 13 bottles of “ice-cold” Coke. This is a “must-have” for any 1:6 scale party or picnic diorama. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

1:6 Scale Coca-Cola Ice Bucket Christmas Tree Ornament

It pays to check out that Christmas tree ornament aisle, you never know WHAT you’ll find. For example, these outstanding 1:6 scale Coca-Cola ice bucket ornaments were originally released a few years ago, but they must’ve sold really well because they’re back in stores again for Christmas 2013—and it’s only July! These beauties are perfectly sculpted, painted and detailed with professional decals. There are even two metal handles on either side to pick it up with. Remove the tiny eyelet screw from the center bottle and it’s ready to use in any diorama. Highly recommended, but we advise that you wait until they’re on sale and snag one (or more) at half-price! Price: $15. Rating (out of 5): ♦♦♦♦


FIND #7: These American Beauties by Mayberry Street Miniatures are in perfect 1:6 scale. Mmm…Aurora likes ’em too! (Photo: Mark Otnes)

1:6 Scale Flowers for
the Love in Joe’s Life

This next find might fly under the radar of many 1:6 collectors because the subject matter may seem too…”girly.” But when we discovered them hanging on a peg at our local Hobby Lobby, we knew we’d have to pass them on. These superb miniature roses are part of a line of miniatures made by Mayberry Street and are intended for use in 1:12 scale doll houses. However, we noticed that the flowers were actually oversized for that purpose and would look more “at home” in a 1:6 scale setting. Each bouquet comes with 10 roses, assorted greens and a shiny porcelin—not plastic—vase. A great gift for any 1:6 scale sweetheart. Price: $7. Rating (out of 5): ♦♦♦♦


FIND #8: This Adventurer can’t believe his good fortune. This superb 1:6 scale globe features razor-sharp “old world” historic maps. Now he can search for that long-lost treasure! (Photo: Mark Otnes)


Don’t forget to browse those museum gift shops! (Photo: Mark Otnes)

Every Adventurer Needs a Globe!

Finding a good miniature globe can be difficult. Oftentimes, they’re either too big, too small, have a big coin slot in the top, or are, well, too “tacky.” But we think we’ve found the answer to this vexing problem.

On a recent trip to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois, we were “navigating” our way through their gift shop when we came upon this little all-metal gem. A superb 1:6 scale “old world” globe (pencil sharpener).

Its detailing is striking for its size (just look at the photos), the materials are excellent (“antiqued” copper) and the globe graphics are sharp and solid. Place it anywhere in your AT Commander’s office and watch his eyes light up! Price: $8. Rating (out of 5): ♦♦♦♦


FIND #9: This miniature lantern from Mayberry Street is appropriate for a multitude of uses at 1:6 scale. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

A Lantern For Every Occasion

When the power goes out, Joe will always need a trusty flashlight or a 1:6 scale lantern. Problem solved! Go back to that same “girly” aisle at Hobby Lobby and pick up one or two of these sharp little red lanterns. Again, they appear to have been mistakenly marketed as something for use in 1:12 scale doll houses, but (fortunately for 1:6ers) are actually much closer to 1:6 scale. They’re all-metal and painted bright red and glossy black. The glass portion has some sort of bubble in it, but that doesn’t detract from it in the slightest. Not perfect, but a very versatile prop that you can use in any number of eras and/or dioramas (even German WW2 bunkers). Price: $4. Rating (out of 5): ♦♦♦


FIND #10: It may seem silly to get excited about a 1:6 scale toy trash can, but we actually think this one ROCKS (especially after you get rid of that ugly packaging wrapper). (Photo: Mark Otnes)


Ignore the packaging! At first glance, we had trouble imagining this “Trash Pack” puzzle was much of anything. But if you look beneath its ugly shrink-wrap packaging, there’s a brand-new, shiny metal trash can in perfect 1:6 scale just waiting to be used in your next diorama! (Photo: Mark Otnes)

Real Metal 1:6 Scale Trash Can

Finally, when Joe wants to clean out the barracks, he wants a full-sized, 1:6 scale trash can. And all those cheap, undersized, plastic versions just won’t cut it anymore. Wa-LAH! We have the answer once again. Head on over to Toys ‘R Us online (or a brick-n-mortar store) and pick up one of these “Trash Pack” jigsaw puzzles. Tear off the wrap-around label, give the puzzle to some deserving little one, and give the shiny, 1:6 scale metal trash can to your hard-working GIjOE. The “Trash Pack” logo is embossed on one side, but that’s easily solved by turning it around. Price: $10. Rating (out of 5): ♦♦♦

Bottom Line: In a time when “official” 1:6 scale products are on the wane, collectors and customizers have to rely more on their intuition and imagination. All of these products are widely available, both on the internet and in a variety of brick-n-mortar stores nationwide. Happy hunting!


4 thoughts on “10 New 1:6 Scale Props and Accessories You Can Find Online or in Stores Near You———Right Now!

  1. Joseph Benedetto says:

    Yes, this is one of those truly cool moments when you browse the web and come away with real info. I need to grab some stuff for my Joes — and because of you, I know exactly where to find it. Thanks!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I bought a Bubba Gump ball cap key chain at a Bubba Gump restaurant gift shop.
    It fit perfectly!

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