Hot Toys Releases First Sneak Pics of 1:6 Scale 1966 Batman and Robin 12-Inch Action Figures


This closeup of Batman’s utility belt shows it to be spot-on perfect. Even the little bat logo is properly blind-embossed into the buckle. And take a good look at the tiny stitching along the seam of his trunks. Absolutely amazing work. (Photo: Hot Toys)


This view of Batman’s cape and collar assembly is blurred somewhat by a lens flare. Nevertheless, we can see that it strongly resembles the version in the TV show and appears to be made of the properly colored and textured fabric. (Photo: Hot Toys)

Holy Perfection, Batman!

In a series of slightly murky, almost mysterious images, details of the highly anticipated, 1:6 scale 1966 Batman and Robin action figures from Hot Toys (HT) are finally beginning to trickle out. According to the company’s official website (found HERE), prototypes of its first new Bat-products will be revealed to an anxious public sometime in 2013.

While no official company announcement of a specific introduction time, date or place has been made, many believe attendees of the upcoming San Diego Comic Con (July 18-21) are in for some exciting news. Indeed, the chances that Hot Toys will reveal these new Batman figures at SDCC are very high. It’s hard to imagine a better place for a new product “reveal” than at a convention hall full of costumed comic book and superhero fans!


Batman’s gauntlets are correctly wrinkled and his chest bat-emblem looks properly executed as well. Clearly, the designers at Hot Toys want to ensure collectors these new figures will be highly accurate. (Photo: Hot Toys)

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words.

If that old adage is correct, then just a quick look at these new “teaser” pics from Hot Toys tells us a lot. For example, the materials used in the costumes? Perfect. The dull gray of Bat’s tights are a perfect contrast to the shinier blue of his trunks. Different fabrics, obviously carefully selected, and then painstakingly dyed to the correct hues. And dig that crazy Bat Utility Belt (see photo at top). It would’ve been so easy for HT to simply paint a logo there or slap a little sticker on that buckle, but they took the effort to properly “blind emboss” the uniquely shaped bat-belt logo as it originally appeared in the show. Yes, the logo on the belt is different from the logo on his chest, which is also different from the logo in the opening of the show. A VERY minor detail to some, yes, but its one that a majority of fans will notice and appreciate immediately.

Gadget-wise, we can only get a glimpse of our hero’s fabled, “batarang,” but we assume that it too, is going to be perfectly sculpted, and maybe even fold-up as it was shown to do in one episode of the show. For that, we’ll have to wait and see.


Robin’s tunic, cape and collar are all RIGHT ON. With quality such as this, all we can say is, “Where do we send our money?” Unbelievable! (Photo: Hot Toys)

Bottom Line: Fan expectations are high for these new figures and the pressure is really building for Hot Toys to deliver. Collectors of 1:6 scale (and Batman) are all about the details. When a toy company gets it right, we reward them with heavy sales and high profits. Get it wrong, and…

Finally, while these new HT Batman figures may not be available for a year or more (quality takes time), eager fans are already queuing up (and saving up) for them; perhaps hoping to build a 1:6 scale Batcave in their basements. After all, what better place is there to park a new 1:6 scale HT Batmobile? And don’t worry. Food, rent, and electricity are all overrated.


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