Happy Birthday, America! It’s Independence Day!


George Washington GIjOE looks forward to a BIG celebration today! (Photo: Mark Otnes)


(Screenshot: Hisstank)

Today is a VERY special day. As you might expect, I’ve given the entire staff of The Joe Report the day off and told them to go outside and celebrate. Some said they were going to have a picnic in the park. Others remarked how they wouldn’t miss our local “Freedom Celebration” parade for anything. I mean, it’s only 10AM here and I can already smell BBQ grills starting to fire up all around the neighborhood. Clearly, this will be a day for Americans to CELEBRATE!

Bottom Line: After 237 years, the good ol’ U, S, of A is still chuggin’ along. If you do nothing else today, we hope you’ll get up out of that easy chair, go outside for some fresh air, stand out on your lawn and wave a flag around for awhile, yelling “Happy Birthday, USA!” to passing cars. Just watch the smiles come out and enjoy all the car horn-honking. Whatever else you do, we hope you have a great day remembering our country’s origins and the men and women who sacrificed EVERYTHING to make us ALL free. And… tell ’em “George” sent you! Go, USA!


One thought on “Happy Birthday, America! It’s Independence Day!

  1. Gary says:

    Mark – I am in agreement with YOU! Go U S of A and a heartfelt thank you to all the men and women who serve to keep us safe and sound! GO JOE!

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