Ohio Sixth-Scale Collector’s Club Meeting Today


Outstanding dioramas and figures are a regular sight at each meeting of the SSCC. (Photo: SSCC)


Members of the SSCC clearly enjoy getting the details right, as demonstrated by this impressive group of WW2 Marines. (Photo: SSCC)

Heads up, Fans of 1:6 Scale (near Ohio):

The SSCC is hosting another of its exciting club meetings today. If you’ve never heard of the mighty SSCC, according to the club’s official website:

“The Sixth Scale Collectors Club of Ohio is a group of 1:6th Scale figure enthusiasts made up of individuals from all walks of life. Many of us are primarily interested in military-themed figures from a variety of eras, but we also have members that are interested in science fiction, movie, historical, fantasy figures and much, much more. The interest of the group goes far beyond collecting; we have customizers and model builders, amateur historians, photographers and storytellers within our club. If this sounds like it would ‘float your boat’ and you live within a decent drive of Cincinnati, we invite you to join us.

Bottom Line: This sounds like a great opportunity for fans in the vicinity of Cincinnati to hang out and have a good time with their Joes. For complete information on today’s SSCC meeting, contact them via email HERE or visit their website HERE. Enjoy!


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