“Dark Days” Ahead for Action Figure Collecting?


In a recent article, renowned seer and soothsayer of all things pop culture, Rudy Panucci (shown above), warns that action figure collecting may be entering its “dark days.” (Photo: shoutandholler)


A sign of the times? In this telling photo, nephews of GIjOE fan and collector, Rudy Panucci, reveal they have little interest in traditional toys or action figures, preferring to look at various handheld electronic devices instead. (Photo: Rudy Panucci)

Longtime broadcaster, pop culture writer, and Charleston, WV “Joe-lebrity,” Rudy Panucci, has just penned a wonderful article over on the PopCult Toybox that we know you’ll enjoy reading entitled, “Are We Entering the Dark Days of Action Figures?” In it, Panucci tackles many of the difficult questions fans of toys and action figures have long been discussing (high prices, future of the hobby, fewer children playing with toys, etc.). We found the article to very well researched, expertly written and highly enjoyable (if somewhat “sad” in parts).

After all, it is depressing to think of today’s (and future) children not growing up playing with toys as fun as GIjOE. But look around you. You can see it happening already. Rising childhood obesity rates and other inactive lifestyle-related issues are telling indicators that children’s behavior and play patterns are changing. So much so, in fact, that many kids today appear to have forgotten HOW to play. Panucci’s article really hits home when he reveals the following personal insights:

“After watching how my nephews play with toys, I have a bad feeling that recent generations of kids aren’t going to have much of an attraction to action figures at all. I was struck by how they were glued to their touch screen devices. The seven-year-old explained iPad Minecraft to me while the two-year-old watched Elmo videos on YouTube. They weren’t really interested in action figures…”

Bottom Line: <sigh> If you have any children, nieces or nephews, this timely article may be of even greater interest. Hopefully the future of action figure collecting and “childs play” is not as bleak as it appears. Regardless, we highly recommend that you jump over to Rudy’s famous “PoPCult Toybox” website found HERE and read the complete article. Keep the faith. And Go, Rudy! err… JOE!



One thought on ““Dark Days” Ahead for Action Figure Collecting?

  1. mike kim says:

    It’s true. Where I work, parents are already buying the Fisher-Price version of the iPad for their three-year-old children.

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