Seller of $13,200.00 Magnum Power Uniform Set Admits He “Had No Idea” of Item’s Rarity or Value Prior to Its Record-Setting Auction Sale on eBay


Outdoor auctions (such as this one) are completely weather-dependent. Recently, a rare “Magnum Power” GIjOE uniform set was sold just moments before a heavy cloudburst struck. (Photo: wildrosefarm)

From Rainy Day—To Raining Money!


The ultra-rare Magnum Power set that sold for $13,200 recently on ebay. (Photo: Jelibeli) Click to enlarge.

Since we first reported on the recent sale of a NRFB Magnum Power uniform set (HERE) for a record-smashing $13,200.00, fans around the world have been asking to hear more from the item’s seller. Today, in an exclusive to The Joe Report, seller “Jelibeli” writes in to offer his intriguing personal story of this rare item:

“Hi, I just read the article in The Joe Report. There were some really neat responses, so I thought I’d help clear up the questions by adding the following information: I purchased the Magnum Power set at a household auction. It was inside a box with one unopened Eagle-Eye GIjOE as well as some other unopened toys from that era. The boxful sold just MINUTES before a cloud-burst was to soak everything else in sight ( it was an outdoor auction.) Obviously, we are not GIjOE collectors and had no idea of the value. But I am so happy it went to a collector that appreciates it! —Jelibeli”

Bottom Line: Thanks for the update, Jelibeli. It’s great to know such rare finds are still possible, and that you were able to rescue this unique piece of GIjOE history in time. We’re also glad your subsequent ebay auction was such a success (no risk of rain that time, HA).


2 thoughts on “Seller of $13,200.00 Magnum Power Uniform Set Admits He “Had No Idea” of Item’s Rarity or Value Prior to Its Record-Setting Auction Sale on eBay

  1. Matthew Pak says:

    A few years ago a friend told me that he was at an auction and a large lot of vintage 1960’s unopened G.I. Joe items sold for $10. My friend said he thought about buying them for me but he wasn’t sure if it was stuff I already had. After pounding my head against the wall a few times I told my friend to call me next time or feel free to buy anything like that for me up to $100. Unfortunately that opportunity never came up again.

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