New figures from “Super System Toys” will be direct challenge to “M&C Toys” Powerteam Line


The new figure sets from Super System Toys (SST) feature superb SA bodies, 3 pairs of interchangeable hands, realistic head sculpts, excellent uniforms and well-sewn equipment vests. The accessories are a somewhat mixed bag, but could provide nice “basic” customizing material. Right out of the box, these figures rate a solid ♦♦♦-diamonds, but with a price point of only $22, we have to bump ’em up to ♦♦♦♦ (out of 5). These are extremely good values for the money. (Photo: Super System Toys)

The REAL Winner of this entry-level “battle”  is YOU—the Collector!


This closeup reveals a realistic headsculpt, superior to most of M&C’s Powerteam offerings. (Photo: Super System Toys)

Finally, some “fiscal relief” for cash-strapped fans of 1:6 scale: Super System Toys (SST) has just released an all-new line of affordable, super-articulated (SA), and uniformed figures. SST’s figures are a shot across the bow of all 1:6 scale producers, primarily “entry-level” M&C Toys, creator of the well-known PowerTeam World Peacekeepers line.

Unfortunately for M&C, SST’s new figures are clearly a notch above in quality, offering superior, super-articulated (SA) bodies and uniforms at the competitive low price point of only $21.99. We’ve seen other “lowball” producers try this market approach before, offering so-so figures with so-so headsculpts, rudimentary uniforms and a lot of “trade fodder” gear, all sold at a low price. Most collectors end up cherry-picking the best offerings and tossing the rest. But these new SST figures are much better, and raise the dollar value per quality equation significantly. Take a look at these closeups:


We’re sure your experienced 1:6 eye can see that this is a VERY poseable SA figure, with easily exchangeable heads and hands. Outstanding! (Photo: SST)


This desert MARPAT uniform is nicely detailed. Not perfect, but for the price, very well done! (Photo: SST)


A picture’s worth a thousand words, and this one speaks VOLUMES. Wow! (Photo: SST)


Three of the new SST figures currently available and their gear. (Photo: SST)


Three more figures (one comes pre-wounded) complete the new line. (Photo: SST)


Customizers will enjoy that SST’s high-quallity, inexpensive figures and uniforms open up an infinite arena for custom figures. (Photo: SST)


Each new SST figure comes with THREE sets of hands, one in gloves. (Photo: SST)

Bottom Line: SST appears poised to take advantage of M&C’s (and Hasbro’s) current lull in the marketplace and may soon capture and dominate the lucrative “entry-level” segment of the action figure market. Just think about it…for about the price of 1 “top-of-the-line” Hot Toys or Dragon figure, you can pick up 5 to 10 of these new SST figures. If that sounds like a good deal to you, we recommend you patronize the trusted folks over at Cotswold Collectibles and/or Urban Samurai Toys, and… Happy Collecting!


7 thoughts on “New figures from “Super System Toys” will be direct challenge to “M&C Toys” Powerteam Line

  1. kneonknight says:

    From what I’ve heard over at The Trenches and the 1/6 Warrior forums, the SST figure and accessories are surprisingly good for the price. True, they may not be 100% accurate as far as weapons and gear is concerned (someone commented that the body armor is actually a Russian design) they are excellent for kit bashes and displaying some of those spare uniforms and accessories you have in the parts bin. What really intrigues me is the headsculpt – it looks vaguely familiar, like someone you may have seen in a bit role in a movie, or maybe a cross between Captain Action and Bulletman. I dunno. But, once I have a collector’s budget again, I’ll definitely be picking up a couple for me and my little Zergling…er, I mean “daughter”.

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  3. Makes you wonder why other brands are 5 to 6 times more expensive and come with less stuff?? This could be a nice boost to the hobby if people buy them for their kids like the days of 21st. —John Romano

  4. Colin Craggs says:

    To people who don’t have a lot of money these provide a basic figure to work on. I myself have found they will hold other weapons from other figures, and the poses are equal to many dear brands. Everyone assumes that all lovers of 1/6 are loaded with money not so many can only look and dream or look in awe of the figures. These at least offer a start and are good value for money. From small acorns— I’ll leave it there tanpatch88

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have the figure and its very detailed and its great, but where do you buy the head?

  6. killer says:

    Is super system a good company or a bad company?

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