New England and Central Illinois Divisions of GIjOE Collector’s Club host Meetings 6-30-13


Members of the New England GIjOE Collector’s Club gather around to discuss their favorite topic at a recent club meeting in Providence, RI. (Photo: NEGCC)


Proud logo of the NEGCC.

A quick glance at the TJR Events Calendar (see bottom of this page) reveals at least two divisions of the GijOE Collector’s Club are scheduled to host official club meetings tomorrow (June 30, 2012). First, the New England GIjOE Collector’s Club (NEGCC) is holding their regular monthly meeting at The Roots Cafe, 276 Westminster St., in Providence, RI (call Anthony @ 401-256-1321) for more info.

On the same day, the Central Illinois GijOE Collector’s Club (CIGCC) will be holding their own monthly meeting from noon to 5 pm at the home of member Ryan Tone, 1217 20th Avenue Way, East Moline, IL. It’s great to see two such active clubs continuing on, despite the recent disappointing convention in Indianapolis. For directions or additional information regarding the CIGCC meeting, we recommend you contact Ryan via email HERE.


CIGCC members (from l to r) Brad Curry, Clayton Curry and Don Hanke discuss what’s really important in life: GIjOE! (Photo: Mark Otnes)

Bottom Line: There’s no better way to enjoy GijOE and the action figure hobby than by joining a collector’s club. If you know of any club that’s planning, holding or hosting an event, and would like for us to help you spread the word, please send Mark an email HERE and we’ll add your listing to our Events Calendar ASAP. It’s fun, it’s fast, and it’s FREE! Our best wishes to the members of the NEGCC and the CIGCC. Have a great meeting guys and gals, and…Go, JOE!


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