TJR Providing FREE “Calendar Event Modules” to GIjOE Collector’s Clubs & Toy Show Organizers


Screenshot of a sample “Calendar Event Module” now offered as a free service by The Joe Report to all collector’s clubs and toy-related organizations.

We rarely talk about ourselves, but in this case…

Just a quick note to alert readers of The Joe Report that we’ve recently begun offering FREE “Calendar Event Modules” (see sample at right) in our popular TJR Calendar (located bottom of this page). In the past, we’ve listed whatever events happened to come across our desks, but after being prompted by a few readers to include more, we’ve decided to expand our calendar listings accordingly.

SO… Heads up, Joeheads, Captain Actioneers, etc! If you know of any upcoming meetings, shows, or other toy-related events, please notify us here at The Joe Report by EMAIL so that we can add them to the official TJR Calendar. Each module features an automatic “countdown” to your event, helping to build excitement and anticipation.

Bottom Line: One of our goals here at The Joe Report is to increase public awareness of all GIjOE and toy-related activities. It is our hope that these free calendar modules will provide fans with a quick “heads up” regarding all upcoming events. Let’s hear from you, your club, or your organization today. And… Start your Countdown!


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