USAirsoft Expo “Weekend of Heroes,” June 7-9


Airsoft, militaria, vehicles, toys, the WOH show has it all! (Photo: Doktor von Evil)
Click to enlarge.

Are you of the generation that can still remember playing “Cowboys and Indians” or “Army” as a kid? Running around the neighborhood, pointing plastic Marx and Mattel weapons at your friends, making your own gun sounds and yelling, “I got you, you’re dead!” Or replying, “No, I’m not! I got you! YOU’RE dead!”

Well, those innocent days may seem as if they’re gone forever, but the truth is, grown men, women and children STILL enjoy playing “Army” in forests and ranges across the country. Only now, it’s called “Airsoft,” and the weapons of choice are air-powered paintball guns.


Outstanding 1:6 scale British Tank displayed at a previous WOH show. (Photo: Doktor von Evil) Click to enlarge.

This weekend, fans of Airsoft will be flocking to the “Weekend of Heroes” (WOH) show in Monroeville, PA. All manner of airsoft weaponry and accessories will be offered for sale, and 1:6 scale dioramas, vehicles, and custom figures will also be displayed.

Bottom Line: The WOH show primarily serves the airsoft community, but action figure and militaria fans also participate. For a better idea of what to expect, watch the 3-minute video of last year’s event (shown above) and visit the official WOH website HERE.


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