New “Flying Car” Prototypes Have Potential to Revolutionize GIjOE’s Personal Transportation

Great for land AND air exploration, this yellow-n-black RC version of a new flying car practically SCREAMS “Adventure Team.” Its unique propellers-in-the-wheels design is a significant technological leap forward. A 1:1 scale prototype is now being constructed. (Photo: Jalopnik)

Holy, Blade Runner!


Technology has come a long way since the 1970s and the simplicity of the Adventure Team’s “Skyhawk” hang glider. (Photo: Hasbro)

I was sitting in my opulent office in the Patches of Pride International Headquarters Building the other day (feet propped up, natch) and began to daydream about what could/should be the next exciting addition to GIjOE’s 1:6 scale motor pool. Over the years, collectors have been fortunate to amass quite an array of ground-based vehicles, but other than a space capsule, Panther Jet, Skyhawk (hang glider) and a couple of helicopters, our favorite action hero hasn’t seen a significant technological upgrade to his aircraft hangar for quite a while.


Screenshot from the opening credits of the 1960s cartoon, The Jetsons. (Photo: Hanna-Barbara)

So then it hit me…how about a Flying Car? Ever since The Jetsons debuted on TV back in the 1960s, the idea of everyone riding around in flying cars has remained a big part of an eagerly anticipated high-tech future. Imagine simply punching in a destination (like your GPS), and sitting in comfort while it gently lifts you up, hovers, and flies you safely to your destination. As George Jetson would say:

Jane!  Stop this crazy thing!

Optimistically, I perused worldwide news sources and was pleasantly surprised by my findings. While you still can’t go down to your local dealer and buy a flying car (yet), it appears that the reality of the requisite technologies are closer than ever before. If you have a few minutes, I think you’ll enjoy viewing these 3 short flying car videos. In the first, an inventor demonstrates the RC version of his all-new flying car. Can an Adventure Team version be far behind?

The second video (below) is a scene from a Top Gear episode. ‘Nuff said. Let it be a surprise!

This final video is a low-tech, and sobering look at why there are still no flying cars—yet. Enjoy!

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