Fans & Collectors Celebrate “The Sweeter Side” of G.I. Joe Fandom With Custom Cakes & Treats


GIjOE fan, collector and dealer, Irving Santiago, was recently surprised on his birthday with this outstanding GIjOE hovercraft cake. The colors and details are right on, and everything you see is edible, down to the missiles, guns and logos. (Photo: Irving Santiago)

ep·i·cu·re·an  [ep-i-kyoo-ree-uhn]
adj. 1. fond of or adapted to luxurious tastes or habits, especially in eating and drinking.

“Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Levels be Damned! I’m having a second piece!”


This photo of Irving Santiago (center) and his two sons gives you a better idea of the massive size of his hovercraft birthday cake. (Photo: Irving Santiago)

In ever-growing numbers, typically health-conscious GIjOE fans have begun rebelling against normal dietary restrictions and succumbing instead to the increased consumption of “oh-so-sugary” custom cakes, cookies and baked treats; all under the guise of celebrating and/or commemorating the world’s greatest action figure—GIjOE!

How did this “usurption of gastronomical good sense” get a grip on GIjOE fans? The exact origins and connections remain unclear, but expert analysts believe the typical fare consumed at an average GIjOE club meeting (i.e. pizza, hamburgers, etc.) has begun to be seen as “insufficient” for the evolving epicurean tastes, palates and waistlines of discerning fans. According to one such “rich food rebel” we spoke with recently:

“Well, you know how it is. GIjOEs are all about having fun. When fans get together for a GIjOE club meeting or related event we just feel like celebrating! A lot of us can’t eat sweet treats at home without getting the ‘skunk eye’ from the our old ‘ball-n-chain,’ so we thought it would be a good idea if we ‘topped off’ our meetings with something special. Something like a cake or other sweet dessert.”


How about a GIjOE tank cake? This looks like the creation of a very talented Mom who wanted to surprise her “little man” on his birthday. (Lucky kid!)
(Photo: cakepicturegallery)

Sounds good to us! Of course, GIjOE cakes and other treats aren’t limited to just collector’s club members. Hundreds, if not thousands, of such delicacies have been created and consumed over the years by hungry fans of all ages in the form of birthday cakes, cupcakes or cookies. A quick search on the internet revealed dozens of examples in a variety of shapes, “eras” and themes. Our favorites are the ambitious ones that go beyond traditional round or rectangular shapes and endeavoured to make 3-dimensional cakes based upon GIjOE characters and vehicles (see tank cake at right).


This stylized, comparitively simple cake design features a miniature “Snake Eyes” and “Storm Shadow” preparing to do battle. Absolutely Superb! (Photo:


The baker of this “Cobra Cake” did an outstanding job rendering the Cobra logo. YUM!
(Photo: Kristy’s Kreations)


If cakes aren’t your thing, how about a GIGANTIC chocolate-chip cookie? With camoflage frosting? Just remember to keep it a “classified top secret” until your 10th birthday party—like Joey!
(Photo: gourmetgoodiesbykate)


If your club members are “all thumbs” when it comes to baking, this “General Hawk” cake pan should help speed things up. (Photo: ebay)


Clearly the work of a professional, this outstanding GIjOE cake features perfectly cut stars and logo. And the green color has that perfect RAH feel. (Photo: cakecentral)


Ho-Ho-How about a Humvee full of Christmas presents? How cool is THIS? (Photo: frostedcelebrations)


Anyone can make a “Joe Cake” with just a little imagination and some good ol’ fashioned “Joe Spirit.” On this homemade birthday cake, Joe has just taken down a bad guy and restrains with a rubber band. We love how GIjOE’s name is so much larger than poor little “Max.” Hilarious! (Photo: iheartcakes)


Another great example of a “club cake,” this one was for the Central Illinois GIjOE Collector’s Club. It was baked and then decorated by a local grocery store (Meijer), using some kind of high-tech, “edible image’ frosting. Don’t worry. It was GREAT! (Photo: Mark Otnes)

Bottom Line: Whatever the occasion, whether it be a GIjOE club meeting, birthday party or just for fun, there’s no better way to “top off” the event’s festivities, than with a GIjOE-themed dessert. With that in mind, we’ve saved the very BEST GIjOE cake for last. It was created by our good friends in the Long Island Division of the GIjOE Collector’s Club. Click HERE or on the video link below and prepare to be BLOWN AWAY. Enjoy!


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