Customizer-Reviewer of 1:6 Scale Action Figures Creates “Star Trek Battle Log” Photo-Comic


Mayne’s ability to combine his professional-level skills as a master model-builder, custom figure creator, computer-graphics wizard, and imaginative storyteller have resulted in the recent completion of his latest and greatest 1:6 scale photo story entitled, “Star Trek Battle Log.” (Photo: Hylton Mayne)


Mayne’s photo stories are planned and executed down to the tiniest details. He even designed custom patches for the uniforms of his characters. Here, “Kumasa,” the hero of Star Trek Battle Log, sports new “Special Forces” and custom nametag patches designed by Mayne and produced by Patches of Pride. (Photo: Hylton Mayne)

Who ya Gunna Call?

Quick! Your entire planetary system is under attack by a malevolent, unstoppable alien force. Who do you call? Who has the training and power required to defend your (remaining) threatened home worlds from imminent devastation? Fortunately, those cosmically-important questions have (finally—phew!) been addressed in an exciting new 6-part, 1:6 scale photo-comic entitled, “Star Trek Battle Log.”

Created, written and photo-illustrated by master customizer and diorama builder, Hylton Mayne, this new (online-only) adventure serial follows the lives of a group of dedicated, hard-fighting Starfleet Special Forces Security personnel who have been tasked with the daunting, life-n-death assignment of repelling an alien invasion. “Prepare for Warp Speed!”

The Masterworks of Mayne

Mr. Mayne has extensive experience creating 1:6 scale photo-comics and stories, primarily for use on the Sideshow Collectibles website found HERE. When each new Sideshow figure is introduced, he will create a short adventure starring and demonstrating that figure. Sideshow clearly appreciates Mayne’s efforts, as customers and fans are provided with an entertaining way to view the company’s products, each professionally posed and photographed in a variety of action settings and scenarios. Simply outstanding in every way!


This overhead view of Mayne’s scratch-built bridge set for the U.S.S. Titan, clearly demonstrates his superb skills as a craftsman and artist. Take a good look at this diorama. It’s all handmade and HUGE. What an accomplishment! (Photo: Hilton Mayne)

As a result of his ongoing and inspiring work for Sideshow, Mayne has accumulated quite a sizeable fan-base of his own. “1:6 scalers” of all stripes, from all around the world, appreciate his sophisticated photographic composition, creative storylines, and highly detailed, scratch-built dioramas. The growing support and encouragement of his fans eventually prompted Mayne to pursue personal projects of his own, leading to his most impressive work so far: Star Trek Battle Log. But the going hasn’t been easy. According to Mayne:

“What a journey! After two years of striving, walking away, trying, quitting, re-energizing, and passion re-kindling, I have FINALLY completed my 1:6 scale photo-comic project. I hope you enjoy it. If you get a chance, please tell me what you think.”


The old adage “waste not, want not” applies to 1:6 scale diorama-building as well. Fans of vintage GIjOEs will recognize the source of a part of this custom spacecraft. Look closely. See it? It’s the blue firewall out of an old GIjOE Space Capsule, painted and weathered to match the rear section. And Kumasa’s battle armor? Perhaps that subtle bat logo on his chest will give it away. How clever! (Photo: Hylton Mayne)

Bottom Line: Mayne’s Star Trek Battle Log is an outstanding example of 1:6 scale “fan fiction.” Fortunately for fans, all six chapters (plus an epilogue) are now available for viewing online for FREE over at Mayne’s personal website found HERE. Hylton has also hinted he has plans for some sort of a future print-version of his 1:6 scale adventures. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!


2 thoughts on “Customizer-Reviewer of 1:6 Scale Action Figures Creates “Star Trek Battle Log” Photo-Comic

  1. Gary says:

    Truly …. A remarkable piece of custom work!! Hylton has given me plenty of new ideas to up my game for my Captain Action conversions…All I can say is WOW!!! Gary

  2. Annette says:

    The Masterworks of Mayne – Woot, Woot!

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