Custom ’69 “Eagle Eye” Adventurer Creates Stir


“Eagle Eye” GIjOEs featured adjustable eyes with the ability to look side-to-side. (Photo: irol04)


Don’t be so stunned, Joe. You look GREAT! When your owner removes that flocking-glue residue around your mouth and touches up the paint on your hairline, you’ll be perfect! (Photo: irol04) Click to enlarge.

A Great “What if?” Experiment

How cool looking is this guy? In an intriguing auction spotted recently on ebay, some creative Joehead (was it YOU?) had customized a ’69 Adventurer by swapping out its original head for a flocked ’76 “Eagle-Eye” (EE) noggin. Then, he shaved off its hair (yes, the beard too!) and converted it back to a painted-hair (PH) redhead!

The final unique custom figure sold for $47 and judging by its photos, the newly transformed hero seems somewhat startled by his freshly shorn appearance. Some fans even see such “radical surgery” as sacrilege, but we DIG ‘im! We think the results reveal a whole new “face” that Hasbro could easily recreate and then exploit in a new line of EE-PH figures. In the listing, seller “irol04” described “Red” thusly:

“Here’s a ’69 Adventurer body with the pat pending numbers stamped on his rear. The body looks nice with a possible factory flaw at the neck post. He looks to have had his head replaced with an Eagle Eye, with some revisions.”


First-generation bodies and EE heads were never together originally, making this custom an instant standout. (Photo: irol04)

The description is factual, yes, but far from complete. As you may recall, Eagle-Eye (EE) GIjOEs made their first appearance in 1976, sporting all-new “life-like bodies” and exciting all-new EE headsculpts with flocked hair (some with beards, some without).

A simple glance at this custom figure reveals it has an older first-generation body, proving its EE head is not original and has been changed. The so-called “flaw at the neck post” mentioned in the listing is actually one version of the sniper or “sharpshooter position” neck-piece.


Owners controlled the “Eagle Eyes” of their GIjOEs with a little slide-switch in the back of the head. Once covered with flocking, the head’s hair helped hide the switch from view. This custom PH head eliminates the hair and makes the switch more visible. (Photo: irol04)

But WHO put this interesting 1:6 hero together this way? And WHY? It would be nice to know the reasons behind these customizations. If you’re this figure’s creator, please leave a comment behind. Regardless, the results speak for themselves. This figure ROCKS!

Bottom Line: If you’ve ever wondered what a bearded fuzzhead with eagle-eyes would look like if you shaved off his hair and painted his noggin, well here you go! And despite this particular Joe’s trepidation about his appearance, we think he looks pretty great indeed. Hello, Hasbro? Here’s yet ANOTHER idea for a line of 50th Anniversary figures!

Special thanks go out to “Eagle-Eyed” Field Reporter, Tony Stroud, for first spotting this unique figure and bringing it to our attention. Thanks, Tony!


2 thoughts on “Custom ’69 “Eagle Eye” Adventurer Creates Stir

  1. kneonknight says:

    GAAHHH!!! I thought I had left that thing safely behind when I logged off The Trenches last night…and now it’s followed me here!

    Seriously, that thing is CREEPY!

  2. Wayne Faucher says:

    I mean, it looks like he’s just realized he’s a GI Joe…..
    Or maybe he’s just looked down for the first time….

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