“G.I. Joe: Retaliation” Was It Worth The Wait? Fans say “YES!” And “NO!” And…“Who Cares?”

Snake Eyes and The Rock shoot at stuff in GIjOE: Retaliation. Will that be enough reason for you to buy a ticket? (Photo: Paramount)

Snake Eyes and The Rock shoot at stuff in GIjOE: Retaliation. Will that be reason enough for fans to buy tickets? Early box office receipts are running high, despite the films dismal reviews. (Photo: Paramount)

Bruce Willis in GIjOE: Retaliation. (Photo: Paramount)

Bruce Willis and…some guy. (Photo: Paramount)

“My kids LOVED it like crazy, which means Joe is looking towards the future when it comes to doing things.” —DaSmokeEater

After a 9-month delay…

GIjOE: Retaliation, the second Paramount film based on Hasbro’s GIjOE franchise has finally been released into theaters. Early box office receipts are good, but GIjOE fans and general audiences appear to be less than thrilled with the newly “retooled” 3-D version. In case you don’t remember the studio’s reasons for delaying the film, according Niall Browne over at ScreenRant:

“GIjOE Retaliation received scores in test screenings that ranged from ‘mediocre to bad.’ The decision was made to delay the release, reshoot, and then convert the film to 3D. The reason given for the 3D conversion was that the lucrative ticket price could maximize foreign box office revenue and make the film more profitable.

Iron Man 3 has also filmed new scenes and altered its storyline somewhat so as to cater to foreign audiences, creating multiple versions of the same movie. (Photo: marvel.com)

Iron Man 3 has also filmed new scenes and altered its storyline so as to increase appeal to foreign audiences, thereby creating multiple versions of the same movie. (Photo: marvel.com)

There you have it. GIjOE: Retaliation wasn’t delayed to make it better. It was delayed and converted to 3-D to make it more profitable to foreign audiences. Yes, it’s common knowledge that studios now openly tinker with their franchise and “tent pole” movies, often creating entirely new characters, scenes and storylines to specifically target overseas markets.

“It is not a terrible movie if you go in having low expectations.” —HippoJoe

In a similar example, Iron Man 3 (IM3) was also in the news recently for having filmed a variety of all-new scenes in China solely for the purpose of appealing to—and appeasing the sensitivities of—Chinese audiences. Why? The allure of burgeoning profits from Chinese ticket sales has simply grown too great for Hollywood to ignore. (Read the entire story of IM3’s multiple versions over on CraveOnline HERE.) 

“The best part of ‘GIjOE: Retaliation’ was eating at The Varsity afterwards.” —ToysGottoGo

Some hot chick named Adrianne Palicki portrays "Lady Jaye" in the film. Mmm...girls with guns! (Photo: Paramount)

Adrianne Palicki portrays “Lady Jaye” in the film. Mmm…girls with guns! (Photo: Paramount)

But back to GIjOE: Retaliation. It seems Paramount realized the movie was going to bomb (no pun intended) and felt it needed to do whatever it could to rescue whatever profits it could. Mr. Browne’s article appears to concur with this viewpoint, saying…

“This line of reasoning equates the release delay to the cash-grab attempt so many fans saw it as. With this delay, the studio and toy company are clearly doing everything they can to secure SOME kind of profits from this venture.”

Costs and Profits

OF COURSE it’s about money! Whether or not a movie’s actually any good is now of secondary importance. Fortunately for Paramount, GIjOE: Retaliation is enjoying a strong start financially. According to Brooks Barnes, the film’s receipts are healthy and online to recoup investment:

“G.I. Joe: Retaliation” was a burly No. 1 at North American theaters over the Easter weekend, validating an unusual decision by Paramount Pictures to delay its release so that it could rework parts of the plot. ‘Retaliation,’ which cost at least $130 million to make, took in about $41.2 million over the weekend, for a total since opening on Thursday of $51.7 million. Overseas, the movie — originally planned for release last summer — generated an additional $80.3 million in ticket sales.”

The Cobra Commander walks ominously around his headquarters. Does it get foggy behind that visor? (Photo: Paramount)

The Cobra Commander walks ominously around his headquarters. We gotta admit, that giant COBRA logo on the wall and ol’ “Chrome Dome’s” helmet look pretty spiffy! (Photo: Paramount)

Of course, some GIjOE fans could care less about the current GIjOE movies. Kent Williams, for example, offers up his own alternative ideas and opinions, saying:

“Honestly, I have absolutely ZERO interest in the ongoing RAH movie saga. It has absolutely nothing to do with what I consider ‘real’ GIjOE and caters only to the 3-3/4” fans. You want to make a GIjOE movie? How about showing how a bunch of regular ‘Joes’ became involved with the ADVENTURE TEAM?

Bottom Line: There seem to be few surprises regarding the new GIjOE: Retaliation. Joeheads may not agree with Hollywood’s depiction of our favorite action figures, but as the old Latin sayings tell us, “Cuique Suum” and “Caveat Emptor!” Fans like Williams might be more interested in independent fare such as the famous “bootleg footage” of that outstanding Adventure Team animation. If you don’t remember what we’re referring to, click HERE or on the video clip below:


3 thoughts on ““G.I. Joe: Retaliation” Was It Worth The Wait? Fans say “YES!” And “NO!” And…“Who Cares?”

  1. kneonknight says:

    Wow, I actually got quoted. I’m e-famous!

    In any event, I still stand by my original statements and the thoughts and feelings that inspired them. RAH is just not ‘real’ G.I. Joe.

    As for the bootleg footage in the clip above, I’ve had it bookmarked in my ‘favorites’ for a couple of months now. If it were ever expanded to a 90 minute feature film, I would definitely pay for a ticket. Better make that two tickets – my daughter would be peeved if I went to see it without her.

  2. Rudy Panucci says:

    I think you forgot the real reason that the movie was delayed.

    It was to give the public time to forget what a disaster “Battleship” was. I think they also rewrote the movie a bit and shot new scenes to address the desires of test audiences.

    Number 3 and 4 are already green-lit.

  3. kneonknight says:

    Ah, yes, Battleship. There is no way to describe the epic failure in that movie without trite comparisons to the HMS Titanic and other ill-fated ships. But the boardgame is still selling strong and is pretty much as I remember it from when I was a kid.

    Not so with G.I. Joe. A few weeks ago, this journal had a brief review of the 12″ figures based on this movie, and…well, there really is no polite way to say this – they SUCKED! Hasbro has, for whatever reason, decided that the 3-3/4″ RAH franchise is their bread and butter in the military action figure market, and has mostly abandoned the very fans that made the 1/6 scale boom of the 90s and early 2000s possible.

    I dunno, maybe if they sold a basic soldier, sailor, airman and marine with separate uniforms and accessories that you could mix and match at reasonable prices, maybe sales wouldn’t have stalled on the 12″ line. Call me crazy, but I think and idea like that might possibly work, kind of like buying a safety razor and disposable blades. I’m pretty sure something like that could work.

    Oh, wait….

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