TJR’s Video Pick of the Week #12: Buddy Finethy Previews Joelanta 2013; “We’re seeing the rise of the customizer and the artist in the hobby.”

In this enjoyable video about next month’s Joelanta show in Atlanta, GA, one of the event’s main organizers, Buddy Finethy, of the Atlanta division of the GIjOE Collector’s Club, discusses the latest plans for the event. Full of great “intel” for all Joeheads. Go, Buddy! And GO JOE!


4 thoughts on “TJR’s Video Pick of the Week #12: Buddy Finethy Previews Joelanta 2013; “We’re seeing the rise of the customizer and the artist in the hobby.”

  1. kneonknight says:

    I realize that the 1/6 scale hobby has broken new ground, and that brilliant customizers such as our friend Mr. Faucher can create beautiful, poignant and telling works.I most emphatically do NOT want G.I. Joe to move in the direction of “hyper realism”. I prefer the primitive, toy-like qualities of ‘America’s MOVABLE Fighting Man’ as opposed to the high dollar poseable but untouchable collectors pieces. It’s a toy, and should be so. I do not want to be marginalized into buying something that I am afraid to give to my five-year-old. MY G.I. Joes, vintage and modern, are strictly “hands on” toys (except for certain delicate and irreplaceable accessories), and I won’t have it any other way.

    • kneonknight says:

      Again, in my comments, I may seem to come off as ‘anti-sixthscale’. I am not. I fervently hope that you continue to find or make that little piece or part that makes it a MODEL. My simple request is that artist-collectors do not try to force the hobby to be totally ‘realistic.’ There are still some of us who prefer our plastic pals to be just as they are, without hi-res, ultra-scoped pea-dot camo. If it looks good enough, for us, then it is!

  2. I hear ya! As far as Joelanta goes, the great thing about that show is you get to see and meet EVERY type of collector. The “nothing else will do but vintage,” the “mix-n-matcher,” and the “full-blown customizer,” they’re all there. It’s quite an eye-opening event!

    • Wayne Faucher says:

      Thanks for the compliments! I tend to agree. All of one interpretation is definitely NOT what I’d want to see in the hobby. When the Joe 40th stuff was released I got ALL of it. That line was a dream come true for me. I only wish it had been handled more creatively. Many of the sets which came out under the Action Man 40th series should have been released over here but weren’t.

      The original Joe is where my love of the hobby began and will always be at the root of my interest. My customs aren’t necessarily striving for hyper-realism as much as creating figures I can’t find in the marketplace. They may look crazy accurate but there’s a LOT of imagineering involved. But a more retro approach is always welcome! I’d LOVE to see some accurate reissues of the AT line!

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