TJR’s Video Pick of the Week #11: “Firing the .50 Cal!”

Some days you just want to go out on the range and shoot at old cars about a half mile away. Watch, as these young British soldiers train to get accustomed to the awesome firepower of the classic American-made Browning .50 cal machine-gun. This short video has great audio and lots of nice closeups of the soldiers, their uniforms and helmets, as well as the weapon and its AWESOME ammo belt feeding out from its ammo box. Toward the end, you can even see some tracer bullets streaking downrange. This would make for a great 1:6 scale diorama scene!


One thought on “TJR’s Video Pick of the Week #11: “Firing the .50 Cal!”

  1. kneonknight says:

    Ma Deuce! This is some serious bang-bank here, folks. Primarily used as an anti-aircraft weapon, it is also effective against light armored vehicles and personnel. It has a maximum effective range of @1500 metres when fired single shot or @1830 metres when fired in the cyclic mode of 5 – 7 round bursts. It features a semi-fixed front sight and a leaf type rear sight graduated in both mils and degrees.

    We used to love live-fire days, as everyone in the platoon got to put 30 or so rounds downrange with the M2, which took just under a minute firing 5 round bursts. Ah, memories.

    Now here’s a question for all the 1/6 scale modellers out there…does anyone know where to find a 1/6 headspace/timing key for one of these beasts? In practice, it’s usually kept hagning from a chain attached to the barrel shroud, but I have yet to see any manufacturer include one.

    Anyway, great video, Mark. I can almost smell the cordite.

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