First Pics! JoeCon 2013 12″ Exclusive 2-Figure Set

Man of Action in his "Stealth Jumpsuit" from the upcoming "Secret Mission to Dragon Island" JoeCon 2013 exclusive. (Photo: GIJCC)

Man of Action in his “Stealth Jumpsuit” from the upcoming “Secret Mission to Dragon Island” JoeCon 2013 exclusive. (Photo: GIJCC) Click to enlarge.


It’s highly unusual for a 12″ GIjOE figure to be given a complete name and identity. But meet “Mr. Sebastian Gorman, CEO of Terron Industries,” the obvious bad guy of the 2-figure “Secret Mission to Dragon Island” exclusive. (Photo: GIJCC) Click to enlarge.

In apparent retaliation for yesterday’s “preemptive strike” by the organizers of Joelanta, the GIjOE Collector’s Club has just released TWO intriguing “sneak pics” of their own. The club’s upcoming convention exclusive for collectors of 12″ figures has been called “Secret Mission to Dragon Island,” and the new photos reveal the names, headsculpts and basic outfits of the two-figure set.

The first figure is a somewhat “droopy-eyed” Man of Action fuzzhead SA figure, dressed in an all-black jumpsuit with a parachute pack, helmet, goggles and boots. The second, dubbed “Mr. Sebastian Gorman, CEO of Terron Industries,” features a so-so bald headsculpt, complete with “Mr. Spock” pointed eyebrows, white lab coat cut in sort of a ’60s “Nehru jacket” style (shades of Dr. Evil), black pants and boots. Initial reviews are mixed…

“Joe looks very tired. I’m still wondering why the Club used the 40th head sculpt to create their SA head. The droopy eyes make the figures look like they’re sad and sleepy.” —Redmao

“Would love to have just the head. I could use a Joe that looks stoned/drunk.” —GIjOEBill

“I think the figures look great.” —JChayes01

“Not too bad, but I want to see more of the complete set.” —Gordon

Bottom Line: Fasten your seatbelts, Joeheads. As this year’s “Battle of the Joe Cons” continues, we have no doubt the good folks at Joelanta and JoeCon Indy will be pulling out all the stops to create the best sets—with fans being the winners!


3 thoughts on “First Pics! JoeCon 2013 12″ Exclusive 2-Figure Set

  1. kneonknight says:

    Hmmm…I have to say that I’m a bit underwhelmed. The MoA figure looks more like a driver who has just finished the 200th hour at Le Mans than an AT operative, and Mr. Gorman wouldn’t be out of place on “The Iron Chef”. Honestly, I’m thinking this might be the first “Backyard Patrol” convention set and I’m definitely not impressed enough to break out the ol’ wallet. I could probably put together a better looking package with figures and accessories from Cotswold at half the price. Maybe once I see the rest of the kit the set packs out with I might change my mind, but there is going to have to be something pretty spectacular to make me reconsider.

    I’m beginning to believe that Hasbro just doesn’t care about the 12″ line anymore.

    • Michael says:

      This was an Action Man mission and yes, Joe is wearing the go-cart driver suit in black with the dumb SAS helmet and goggles. Dude, HASBLOW hasn’t cared for 12-inch collectors since they made the 3 3/4″ figures. Stop supporting the Club. These guys make lame-ass sets and charge $350 or more for them at conventions. You can buy a nice vintage set for FAR less and I bought 15 Masterpiece Edition figures for less than $200. They are more GIjOE than this hack job with the new body and old head. How many Spy Island missions can be redone? Oh, and that guy is DR. Evil, also from Action Man’s 1998-2000 series.

      • Michael says:

        I talked with Derryl DePriest and he is the head of Hasbro’s action figures / GIjOE. He personally told me that Hasbro will NOT produce another 12-inch figure at all. As we now see, with the 10-inch figures (crap ) being made, unless its a new GIjOE or movie figure they get the rights to.

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