Sneak Pic of Joelanta 2013 Exclusive Released!

The mystery Joe in this first teaser photo from the organizers of Joelanta leans back as if to say, "I know something you don't know!" (Photo: Joelanta 2013)

The mystery figure in this first teaser photo leans back as if to say, “The truth’s out there…SOMEWHERE.” (Photo: Joelanta 2013)

The good folks masterminding the 2013 edition of Joelanta have just released the first sneak pic of this year’s exclusive figure set. The photo shows a fuzzhead GIjOE modeling a black and white Hawaiian-style leisure shirt with some kind of “Alien head” or “Voodoo Skull” type of design. Further intel provided by Scott aka “GIDefender”on the Trenches forum revealed…

“I heard whispers that this year’s set would have something to do with Area 51 or Roswell. Since I received this image from Buddy tonight, I am beginning to think that the Alien’s may have landed—or may be coming to a show near you in the near future!”

Bottom Line: Past Joelanta exclusives have always been very popular, but are produced in limited quantities, so if you want to “lock yours down,” we recommend you jump over to THIS PAGE NOW. Will it turn out to be some sort of “Alien Adventurer?” Stay tuned! Further intel coming soon!


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