TJR Reader’s Poll #2: The GIjOE Club Newsletter

The official GIjOE Collector’s Club newsletter has undergone many changes over the years, generating both praise and derision from club members. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

We love it. We hate it. We don’t give a hoot about it. GIjOE fans have long had mixed feelings about the official GIjOE Club’s monthly newsletter. In recent years, news of the 3 3/4-inch “little Joes” has clearly dominated the publication, as collectors of 12-inch “big Joes” see their diminishing coverage as a sign of wasted space and missed opportunity.

Many fans have argued for years that the fees paid as membership dues would be better spent producing more of the club exclusives, such as this excellent reproduction Talking Soldier. (Photo: GIGCC)

Many fans have argued for years that the fees paid as membership dues would be better spent producing more of the club exclusives, such as this excellent reproduction Talking Soldier. (Photo: GIJCC)

Is there a middle ground that can found? Should changes be made? Or is the newsletter already providing a perfect balance of the old and the new? Viewpoints vary from fan to fan, and no official club polls have been held to determine actual membership opinion.

Here at The Joe Report, we feel it’s high time GIjOE fans held a poll to help the club determine the facts. How do YOU feel about the club newsletter? Is it a waste of your membership dues? If you could, what would you change? You can post such comments to this article (see link, above left.)

Should the club divide the newsletter into two versions? Or is it time the club finally went “paperless” and eliminated it altogether? Perhaps to use the income from membership dues elsewhere? What do you think?

Please cast your vote today, and leave any additional comments or suggestions for the club attached to this article where they can see and read them easily. Hopefully, this poll will help the club better understand the current wishes of its 2013 membership. Sound off NOW!

15 thoughts on “TJR Reader’s Poll #2: The GIjOE Club Newsletter

  1. Mark Wright says:

    I read the newsletter only because it is produced and sent to me. I really, however, only read the latest Club status (convention info, exclusives, etc) and ignore all the 3 3/4″ crap (sorry, but I’m a true vintage 12″ collector). I do grow tired of the obvious slant toward the small guys. I could easily live without the newsletter. Club info should be provided through the Club website…even articles. Eliminate the newsletter and use dues to fund other Club activities and exclusives…unless all exclusives will be 3 3/4″ in which case I would suggest reducing dues.

  2. Andrew Garrison says:

    Not too long ago there was a two cover newsletter, one side was 3 3/4″ and the flip side was 12″. I liked that idea. I’d like to see it balanced between the two lines. Every leap year or so, show Super Joe or Sigma Six a little attention. I do however know that if you want to see more articles on 12″ figures somebody has to submit those articles.

  3. Ronald D. Meyer, Sr. says:

    I enjoyed it more when it was geared towards the vintage or AT 12 inch guys. Before I decided to not renew my membership, about the only thing I thought was worth reading anymore was the Regular Joes strip. When it started becoming more about the 3-3/4 figures, that was the death knell. I still couldn’t justify the yearly dues just for a basic 12 inch exclusive and then having to dish out extra for a uniform with accessories. In todays economic downturn, most of us collectors have to make tough decisions concerning our collecting habits and unfortunately, the Club just wasn’t giving me enough bang for my buck.

  4. I like the newsletter. There’s a lot of complaining about not enough 12 inch stuff, but I really enjoy the monthly AT comic. Even though it’s only a few pages of panels, it’s great. I do think the Regular Joes stuff is some of the best, but it’s not like the magazine is full of gobs and gobs of 3 3/4 stuff either.

    I like the newsletter/magazine a lot. It’s slickly produced, looks great and is a fun, but quick read. I think if anything, there should be MORE in it. Even if they’re reprinting some old stuff, just to pad out the pages a bit.

    But still, I think there’s a lot less to complain about. Many of the griping I’ve head about the magazine is from people who aren’t even in the Club anymore.

    • Ronald D. Meyer, Sr. says:

      Maybe the griping from people who aren’t in the Club anymore is justified. If the Club hadn’t gone more 3-3/4 scale, I’m sure more people would still be able to justify the cost.

  5. Wayne Faucher says:

    Personally, I’m not a member. My interest lies solely in the 12″ figures, and interest in the smaller version just eludes me (sorry guys). That’s because I grew up with a 12″ Joe. I’d also much rather watch The Time Tunnel than Knight Rider….

    But the connection between enjoying the printed newsletter and it’s focus (or lack thereof) to vintage Joe makes sense. Being of a certain age myself, it would elicit memories of the old GI Joe club communiques. The younger members probably never experienced the excitement of receiving snail mail and might just as soon get their info on line. I would much rather read a hard copy of a book or newsletter than look at it on line…Even if I do have to hold it at arm’s length to make out the print. Just my opinion….

    • kneonknight says:

      I’m with you on this, and thanks for another nostalgic twinge-The Time Tunnel was great fun, even if they did kick science right out the window.

      I, too, remember waiting on pins and needles for the mailman to arrive, watching for him with my binoculars, and then racing the quarter mile to the mailbox on my bike to search through the tons of junk, catalogues, and the occasional bill, hoping that my Command Post Quarterly had arrived. Usually this ritual was carried out for four or five days until the magical moment when I finally had it in my grubby mitts. Then, an hour or two of reading and re-reading, followed by some solid “Joe Time”. Needless to say, I was very disappointed when the CPQ ended its short publication run.

      As for the 3-3/4″ figures, I simply cannot accept them as G.I. Joe. It’s an entirely different toy marketed in an entirely different manner, and cannot begin to compare to the vintage figures in terms of versatility, play value, or potential. True, they share the same brand name, but you can cover a Yugo with Rolls-Royce stickers all you want and still have a Yugo.

      I guess the commercials in the ’60s were right-“Remember, only G.I. Joe is G.I. Joe!”

  6. Harry says:

    First year club member here.
    Put the content on the net. Everyone is used to getting thier info that way.
    Save the cash for new (12 please”) toys.
    Where the heck is the forum anyways?

  7. Lots of great comments. For my own .02 cents worth, I’d have to say the newsletter could be MUCH better, but if it stays as it is, I think most members will soon regard it as an unnecessary expense in an ever-tightening economy. And that’s a shame. There are so many ways to make it better. More fun. More relevant!

    As “kneonknight” said (above), I’d love to be waiting “on pins and needles” for each issue to arrive in my mailbox. But right now, I don’t.

  8. Out Post says:

    I let my membership lapse this year. Decided to re-up, if for nothing else, the free figure. I still gotta get the man of evil uniform set. I hope the club gets the site back up for good. I miss the forum. But I’m still major bummed about the way the last year went with the club They owe us as far as I’m concerned.

  9. kneonknight says:

    As an afterthought to my earlier post, I have to say that the Joe Report is pretty much what I would like to see if the CC newsletter goes to an online format. Here, we get news about upcoming figures and accessories, reviews of current and past products, features on the creative side of the hobby from both the commercial artists and private customizers, and related items of interest to collectors. The only thing missing is the obligatory web comic in the vein of Regular Joes. Oh, wait, Mark and PoP give me that with the “Joe a Day” that shows up in my email.

    So, I guess I can say that I do still get the ‘waiting on pins-and-needles” feeling, but I get it in smaller, daily doses, every time I log on here or go to my inbox.

    So, a huge thanks to Mark and all the other folks responsible for keeping us up to date, giving us the latest scuttlebutt, and providing the much needed watering hole where we can gather and voice our opinions. True, we don’t get a free figure and the privilege of buying a wardrobe for him as an afterthought (yes, that was a bit of a cheap shot at Hasbro) but we also aren’t paying a single red cent for this invaluable service.

  10. steve says:

    I grew up with the 3 3/4″ Joes, and that was all I knew of until I was 13 and helped a friend out at a toy show. That is when I discovered the Real G I Joe…..don’t get me wrong I still have a deep fondness of the 80-90s Joes I grew up playing with but I really prefer the Vintage 60-70s. I saw the shift with the club at the Norfolk Con and since that year there has been a dramatic shift each year towards catering to the 3 3/4 folks….Joelanta….that’s the Vintage show to be at…..

  11. Cole says:

    I let my membership lapse years ago when after I reup-ed during a Joe show. It seems that Brian or whoever handled the funds submitted my check AFTER the sign-up date which would have got me the 12″ Joe that comes with signing up. They then had the GALL to tell me it bounced and I then faxed them the bank statement showing them it didn’t. I was told by the woman that worked there that it was to late to get the figure…BUH-BYE. If I am not mistaken this was the same year (2005-2006) that they had isues sending out the subscription figure.

  12. SGD says:

    I consider myself a “reformed” 3 3/4″ Joe collector (sorry, 12″ is just more Joe for your buck!) and have never been a member of the club, but have picked up a few of the 12″ exclusives from conventions and toy shows.

    I’m right on board with the “nix the physical letter and put the money towards more exclusives” argument, but I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that printing and mailing the physical letter doesn’t actually cost a hell of a lot of money to begin with. This all being conjecture lets say it does in fact cost a lot; it’s still easier to slap together a flimsy newsletter than to develop and manufacture toys even if money isn’t an object. It makes the club look more “multi-faceted” and creates the illusion they’re providing a service their members want but lets get real: the exclusives are the most worthwhile perks of the club. Granted this is coming from someone who’s never bothered to sign up, but maybe that’s all the more reason for them to take a good look at what they’re doing with the thing.

  13. it’s a digital age. i support moving to online format and reducing the cost of membership, cheaper membership, may equal more members.

    Great site by the way! i’m following it now.

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