BIFF! BANG! POW! Comic-Creator Wayne Faucher’s “HUNTER” Figure Inspired by 1970s Eerie Magazine

Faucher’s outstanding custom “Hunter” figure is a perfect 1:6 scale replica of the obscure 1970s Eerie comic hero. (Photo: Wayne Faucher)

Customizer Wayne Faucher strikes again! Already widely renowned for his artistic achievements as an Inker for Marvel and DC Comics, Faucher’s fame as a creator of upper-echelon 1:6 scale custom action figures continues to grow as well (see our previous profile on Faucher HERE).

Faucher’s latest creation is truly a one-of-a-kind. Based on an obscure 1970s comic book hero known only as, “Hunter,” it features a fully custom helmet, uniform and fighting staff.

We’re sure most of you have never heard of, or ever even SEEN Hunter before. His odd, slightly comical combination of high-tech space gear and low-tech cave clothing makes him a unique-looking hero, to be sure. So where did he come from? Here are some Wikipedia details…

“Hunter appeared in Eerie Magazine, six parts in total, in issues 52-57. Set in a near-future world devastated by nuclear war, the story features Damien Hunter, a half-man, half-demon, who seeks to destroy all the demons on Earth, including his father.”

Okaaayyy… Wayne created (practically) everything for this custom figure from scratch, working with resins, latex, plastics, wood and even real rabbit fur. When asked about his newest masterpiece, Faucher replied…

Artist and action figure customizer Wayne Faucher at his desk inking a new comic for Marvel or DC. (Photo: Wayne Faucher)

“He’s a character from those great Eerie Magazines back in the 1970s. I always thought Hunter’s combination of spacesuit and caveman fur made for a really interesting visual. Paul Neary was the original artist on the series, so he gets all the credit for that!

As far as making the figure, the custom headgear started out as a 30th Anniversary GIjOE pilot’s helmet. The fur belt and boots are from a (now bald) rabbit. For the arm/leg striping, I made a mold, cast the material in latex and cut it into the appropriate sized strips.”

This issue of Eerie Magazine featured a wonderful full-color painting of the “Hunter.” (Photo: Wayne Faucher)

This closeup of Faucher’s custom “Hunter” action figure reveals superb workmanship and details.
(Photo: Wayne Faucher)

Wayne topped off his “Hunter” figure with this cool-looking battle staff and a custom logo stand.
(Photo: Wayne Faucher)

Outstanding work, Wayne. Thanks for sharing “Hunter” with all the readers of The Joe Report!


3 thoughts on “BIFF! BANG! POW! Comic-Creator Wayne Faucher’s “HUNTER” Figure Inspired by 1970s Eerie Magazine

  1. kneonknight says:

    Holy cow, I remember this mini-series! Eerie, Creepy and Vampirella were some of my favorite comics during the late sixties through the mid seventies. I had a whole wall plastered with the Frank Frazetta covers, and wished that I could afford the incredible masks they offered in the ads in the back. Now, I probably wouldn’t recommend these for the squeamish or prudish, as there was plenty of gore and occasional nudity (Esteban Maroto drew some of the sexiest comics women I have ever seen) but the stories themselves were reminiscent of the old Tales from the Crypt and Vault of Horror stuff, in that they were very tongue in cheek and had a subtle dark humor to them. Perfect for late-night reading on the weekends, especially if there was an ominous storm brewing. Good times, damned good times.

    I must say Mr. Faucher has perfectly captured not only the likeness but the spirit of the character. Excellent work, and thank you for sharing. This sent me on a nostalgic journey back to my youth that few things can manage.

    • Wayne Faucher says:

      Thanks so much. I make these things for exactly that reason; they bring back a memory of a simpler time in my life. Before deadlines and bills and all the things that come with growing up. There’s a reason why I sit in a studio all day, surrounded by toys, making comic books! Never shook that 12 year old in me, I guess….

  2. kneonknight says:

    …And in the “boy, is my face red” department, I just realized thet Mr. Faucher is the same guy that did the fantastic “Lost in Space” customs featured a few months back. Sheesh, I have really got to start paying closer attention.

    Again, great work. If you ever decide to give up your illustrator’s career, Mr. Faucher, I am fairly certain that Medicom or one of the other top action figure companies would welcome you with open arms.

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