New “Foreign Air Adventurer” GIjOE Available Exclusively From Transformers Club Online

The new, limited-edition “Foreign Air Adventurer” currently for sale on the Transformers Club online webstore.
(Photo: Transformers Club)

This is cool, strange and unexpected, all at the same time. Take a look at the new “Foreign Air Adventurer” which has just landed (for some reason) over at the Transformers Club website found HERE. Will someone please explain why he’s being sold THERE and not on the GIjOE website? Does he turn into a Humvee or something? Apparently not. According to the description…

“In the tradition of the Backyard Patrol accessory sets from the 70’s, this vintage-styled reproduction figure is a VERY short run “boutique” item put together by a GIJCC designer and features hard hands, foreign head sculpt with blonde flocked beard and hair, a tan flight suit, tan cap, black jacket, short black boots, shoulder holster with revolver and a black AT hunting rifle. This is a great entry-level figure for new collectors and older kids alike.  Even long-time collectors will get a kick out of the old/new feel of this piece. VERY limited quantities. Limit of 1 per member.”

Hmm…Sounds like a way to clear out some leftovers from the back room. But nonetheless, this figure really doesn’t look half bad. It ships in a plain cardboard shipping box with the outfit and equipment you see in this photo. Initial reviews are positive and interest seems to be growing quickly among collectors. So, if you’ve got $35 burning a hole in your britches…


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