Astounding Vintage Collection of “Dapper Dan” Scaletta Featured on GIjOE Collections Website

WHOA! This is just one shelf of Dan Scaletta’s amazing collection of vintage GIjOE action figures. Scaletta is currently featured on the worldwide GIjOE Collections website. (Photo: Dan Scaletta)

GIjOE Collector, Dan Scaletta
(Photo: Dan Scaletta)

If you wonder where are all the minty-fresh vintage GIjOEs have gone, it seems they’re all traveling north of the border to join others residing in “Dapper Dan” Scaletta’s burgeoning “Joe Room.”

When Scaletta sent us photos of his collection recently, you could hear a pin drop while the staff here at The Joe Report gathered around our main viewing screen, staring in awe at the majesty of it all.

Finally, a low, slow whistle was heard, followed by one staffer’s apropos comment, “Man, oh man, oh MAN. This guy’s got it all!” Well, not everything. Not quite. Not YET anyway.

But Scaletta’s collection has clearly achieved a certain fame among collectors as it was recently added to the world-famous, GIjOE Collections website. Despite the accolades coming along his way, Dan remains quite humble, and prefers to praise others instead…

“My collection is small by comparison to others. I have a few choice pieces, but I am amazed at some of the awesome collections shown on the GIjOE Collections website. I am very proud to be listed there alongside some of the “Masters” of the GIjOE-collecting world!”

It’s easy to see why “Dapper Dan” received his well-deserved sobriquet (nickname). His self-deprecating attitude and generous demeanor have made him one of Canada’s most famous GIjOE collectors. If you have a few moments, we recommend you pay Dan a visit by jumping directly to his new featured page HERE.

Editor’s Note: Dan asked that we keep his email private, so in lieu of email or posts to Facebook, please leave your comments for him here on The Joe Report. Here’s a comment, Dan…”WOW!!!”


One thought on “Astounding Vintage Collection of “Dapper Dan” Scaletta Featured on GIjOE Collections Website

  1. kneonknight says:

    That is an awesome collection with some truly excellent pieces, especially the carded sets and the hard to find in any condition Marine Jungle Fighter. The only “criticism” I have is the “Lone Ranger” mask on the Desert Patrol Jeep driver.

    Okay, I admit it. Envy prompted me to nitpick.

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