Adventure Gear’s “Let’s Give Stuff Away” Event Thrills Facebook Friends; Winners to Receive FREE 1:6 Scale Clothing and/or “Surprise Items”

Adventure Gear filled a unique niche in the 1:6 scale hobby, providing top quality outdoor clothing items for your Adventure Team. (Photo: Dan Dibiase, Deering Productions)

(Logo Graphic: Adventure Gear)

Call it the Spirit of the Holidays, or just spreading Joe Karma; whatever the reason, Tom Calhoun of Adventure Gear (AG), a longtime creator of 1:6 scale clothing for Adventure Team fans, has begun an exciting “Let’s Give Stuff Away” event over on Facebook.

To be eligible to win, fans and Facebook “friends” of Tom’s need only to leave a comment whenever prompted to do so. After enough comments have been received, Tom declares “That’ll do it,” and calls a halt to the proceedings. The lucky winner(s) are selected at random and receive all types of exciting 1:6 prizes. According to Tom’s latest Adventure Gear post on Facebook…

“Let’s give stuff away! Comment on this post so that we’ll know you’re there and we’ll randomly pick a winner. We’ll do this again over this week, so don’t worry if you don’t win this one. Here’s what’s in this giveaway:

Three hooded sweatshirts (red, orange, yellow)
Black Fight for Survival Jacket
Bushlan camo Jumpsuit
Bushlan camo Jacket + BDU Pants
Red Rainsuit
Brown Trenchcoat
Surprise Item(s)”

Another exciting diorama shot by the uber-talented, Dan Dibiase.
(Clothing: Adventure Gear, Photo: Deering Productions)

Of course, every adventure doesn’t have to involve man-eating tigers. It’s okay for our Joes to enjoy other sorts of “action” out in the forest, right? <ahem!> (Clothing: Adventure Gear, Photo: Dan Dibiase)

Despite its enduring fame and popularity among collectors and now on Facebook, the current business status of Adventure Gear remains a little nebulous. Not to be confused with Project ARE Action Outfitters, run by Robin and Skip Are, Tom describes Adventure Gear this way…

“I’d say it’s a museum with a bunch of stuff in the attic.”

HA. Okay, there you have it. If you’d like to see who wins Tom’s exciting “Let’s Give Stuff Away” events, we suggest you “LIKE” Adventure Gear over on Facebook today by visiting them HERE. Best of luck to all who enter!


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