NEW! ———Realistic 1:6 Scale Dogs From Sandicast

Three of the new line of highly realistic 1:6 scale dogs from Sandicast, found recently at a Meijer store in Illinois. The scarves are removable and can be used on GIjOEs. The cute little Santa Hat is stuck on pretty tight, but could probably be removed (if desired). (Photo: Mark Otnes)

Aurora gives her new best friend “Bowzer” a big hug and makes sure that his scarf is all snugged up for their “walkies” around the neighborhood.
(Photo: Mark Otnes)

Yesterday, at our local Meijer store, I came across a new endcap display of Christmas ornaments based on a variety of Sandicast’s famous sculpted dogs. There were about a dozen different breeds being offered, all in different poses (standing, sitting, playing) and priced at $14.99 each.

These are EXCELLENT representations of dogs at 1:6 scale. The sculpts are highly accurate. The paint jobs are superb. And the attached (real cloth) scarves and Santa hats add an extra level of tactile reality and “cuteness” that make them practically irresistible. Your Joes will LOVE ’em!

This new line of dog ornaments is the work of master sculptor, Sandra Brue. I’d heard of Brue and her miniature masterpieces before, and the products on her company’s website look great. According to the Sandicast website…

“Internationally renowned San Diego artist Sandra Brue has been bringing sculptures to life for over 25 years.  She founded Sandicast in 1981 and it was a success right from the start. 

Her hand-cast, hand-painted animal replicas became famous for their stunning realism and incredible attention to detail. Purebred dogs, cats, wolves and wildlife are all part of her extensive collection.”

The only problematic dog was with the Chihuahua. He was definitely too big for use with GIjOE. At one-sixth scale, a Chihuahua should’ve been much smaller, but then it probably would’ve been too small to sell as an ornament. All the other dogs seemed pretty correct (to me), and so I ended up picking up the three versions shown in the photos.

Joe scratches the ear of his new 1:6 scale buddy, “Frisbee,” before heading out to the park for a game of catch (in your IMAGINATION). HA (Photo: Mark Otnes)

Bottom Line: These are some of the best dogs you’ll ever find at 1:6 scale and make wonderful additions to any diorama. But there are some caveats… 1) They’re not poseable. 2) Since there are variations in size (like that too-large Chihuahua), it’s better to see them in person in the store before you buy. And 3) They’re kind of pricey. But you do get what you pay for (top quality).

My recommendation is that if you can wait, rush through Meijer AFTER Christmas. They should be blowing them out on clearance for a lot less by that time. If you can’t find a Meijer store near you, you can always purchase them directly from the Sandicast website (but at full price + shipping). The site’s ornament pages start HERE. Happy Hunting! WOOF!


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