Da!———”Hobby Mall” Action Figure Forum Created for Collectors & Fans of 1:6 Scale in Russia

Battles between Russian and German forces during WW2 continue to fascinate many collectors. As a result, discussion regarding 1:6 scale action figures representing those countries dominates fan interest over on the new “Hobby Mall” forum based in Russia. (Photo: Hobby Mall Forum)

In another sign that the 1:6 scale hobby is growing and NOT shrinking as some U.S. collectors have worried, a new fan forum was recently created by the Russian-based toy retailer, Hobby Mall.

Translation problems? Try an online translator! (Cartoon: fwi.co.uk)

The website already boasts over 400+ registered members, with posts and photos coming in from collectors all over Russia and surrounding countries.

Of course, not everyone visiting the forum can read Russian. As with any foreign-language website, the best way to read posts on the Hobby Mall Forum is by browsing around, looking at the photos, and then copying and pasting text into a trusted translation site such as Google Translate.

The resulting passages don’t always spit out in perfect English, but most of the Russian-to-English translations I’ve attempted proved surprisingly accurate and easy to comprehend (there is no master ENGLISH button).

Memories of Russia’s fight against HItler’s invading Panzer divisions during WW2 remains fresh to Russian fans and collectors of 1:6 scale, explaining their interest in dioramas such as this one, created by members of a customizing club in the UK. (Photo: Hobby Mall, Kampfgruppe Von Abt)

Clearly, any 1:6 scale fan forum located in Russia is going to have a great interest in WW2 and the valiant defense of “Mother Russia.” That appears to be the case with the new Hobby Mall Forum, as most of the pictures being posted by fans are of Russian and German figures created by Dragon, Sideshow and other “top-end” manufacturers.

Another member of the Hobby Mall Forum posted this superb photo of German troops and their impressive Mercedes staff car. (Photo: Hobby Mall)

Bottom Line: It’s always interesting to get a glimpse into what fans and collectors in other countries are discussing, buying and customizing. We suggest that you browse this new forum in the same way you would any other forum. And when you come across something you really want to read, just “cut-n-paste” it into a translator. To help get you started, here’s a direct link to the photo gallery page of the Hobby Mall Forum. Enjoy,“Comrade!” And…Go, JOESKI!


One thought on “Da!———”Hobby Mall” Action Figure Forum Created for Collectors & Fans of 1:6 Scale in Russia

  1. kneonknight says:

    It’s good to see that the 1/6 scale hobby, even if it isn’t strictly G.I. Joe, is finding an audience in Russia. Given the remarkable Red Army figures and vehicles available from Dragon and other manufacturers, I’m wondering how the vintage “Soldiers of the World” Russian Soldier is viewed overseas. By today’s standards, it must seem almost primitive, and the foreign head Joe’s sour expression might make the Russian collector think that’s how Americans think of them.

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