G.I. jOE “Hurricane Spotters” Request Donations be made to American Red Cross to assist victims

Some of the storm-damaged homes yesterday in Connecticut. (Photo: courant.com)

I was watching all the coverage of the damage and devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy today. Wow. With property damage estimates ranging as high as $20 billion dollars, its obvious Sandy will have a great impact upon the lives of millions of Americans for many months to come. If you’re able, please take a moment to contribute (any amount) to the American Red Cross HERE. Thanks! And all you Joeheads on the East Coast batten down your hatches and take care!

This Hurricane Spotter Team looks ready to pitch in and help. GO JOE! (Photo: Bill Ruperto)


2 thoughts on “G.I. jOE “Hurricane Spotters” Request Donations be made to American Red Cross to assist victims

  1. GIJOEBILL says:

    Please donate to the Red Cross!!
    These Folks do great work!!
    As Survivors of Hurricane Andrew in 1992, we know what these Folks are dealing with and it will be a long road to recovery. It changed everything.The way I think and live. We lost everything in Andrew.(still have a fish tank stand and some knick knacks.) We were in our early 20’s and renting from our in-laws.

    We had no insurance on our “stuff”. In-laws were under-insured on their Family home they had been in for 25yrs and we were on our own.

    We ended up in our bathroom holding the pulsating walls up as 200mph winds reacked havic around us.

    The Red Cross was there for us with a voucher for a bed and a couple bucks for clothes.
    Thanks to the Red Cross and people donating we were on the road to recovery.It is all the little things you learn to appreciate.Like a place to rest your head at the end of a day. Donate anything you can. You will be helping out fellow Americans who are in need.

    Most know I started collecting Joes that Christmas after Andrew. It was my therapy.
    Those Hurricane Hunters hold a special place in my collection and heart. Thanks for this post Mark.

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