Customer’s “Sneak Pics” Prove Captain Action’s Loki, Thor & Dr. Evil Sets in Toys’R Us Stores NOW!

Great sneak pic of the new toys in the store. Check out Dr. Evil! (Photo: dive909)

Just a quick heads up to all of the Captain Action fans out there…

Ace undercover photographer, “Jim,” over on the Captain Action Fan Forum, recently released these hot new pics revealing that the long-awaited Captain Action Loki, Dr. Evil and Thor sets are showing up in his local Toys ‘R Us store. We knew they were becoming available online, but this is the first time we’ve heard of them appearing on shelves. According to Jim…

“Even though I had most of the costumes and sets as a child, I only remember going to the store once to purchase a Captain Action item.Being able to walk in the store yesterday and have a choice of 2 figures and 4 costumes was a special treat.I wanted to say thank you to Joe, Ed, Round 2 and everyone else behind the  scenes for making this possible!”

Okay…looks like these are on the BOTTOM shelf, everyone. Now you know where to look!
(Photo: dive909)

We heartily second your sentiments, Jim. And thanks for sharing your great “sneak pics” of the toys over on the forum. Keep up the great work, Ed and Joe! Let Justice Be Done!


3 thoughts on “Customer’s “Sneak Pics” Prove Captain Action’s Loki, Thor & Dr. Evil Sets in Toys’R Us Stores NOW!

  1. Phil says:

    Why can’t they sell that great line in Canada?

  2. kneonknight says:

    That would be weird. I don’t know why it wouldn’t be available, unless they are doing all their domestic distribution first. I do know that Cotswold Collectibles has had these in stock for a couple of months now. If nothing else, you can check them out at

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