New “What’s in the Box?” Video Series Examines G.I. Joe Fan Reactions When Receiving Packages

A screenshot from the opening credits of the new video series, “What’s in the Box?” (Photo: Mark Otnes)

A screenshot from WITB episode #1 reveals the video’s first-person, “You are There” style, enabling the viewer and the person opening the box to discover what’s inside at exactly the same time. (Photo: Mark Otnes)

The debut of an intriguing new series of short videos entitled What’s in the Box?” (WITB) was recently announced during a press conference held at the international headquarters of Patches of Pride (PoP) in Urbana, IL. According to the company’s spokesman, staff members <cough> will regularly be filmed opening packages they’ve received in their morning mail to be broadcast—LIVE on tape—to a worldwide audience on the PoP YouTube Channel.

EPISODE 1 of the new series, entitled, “Box #1,” has already been posted. We’ve watched it and it clearly recognizes a “universal excitement” exists between GIjOE, Action Man and Geyperman collectors, AND that there is a definite “thrill of discovery” accompanied with the delivery and arrival of ANY box or package. Without giving the contents of Box #1 away, an official press release states…

“Whenever a package arrives, it’s human nature to get excited. Indeed, almost immediately, our minds begin to race with questions: ‘What’s in it? Is it a GIjOE? Is it a window-carded equipment set? Maybe it’s a surprise box of Joe Karma from a fellow Joe buddy!’

Well, whatever’s inside, during each episode of the new WITB video series, fans will get to be RIGHT THERE, watching the package being opened for the first time. They’ll get to look in, find out, and SHARE the discovery of the contents with the recipient. It’ll be thrilling!”

Many researchers believe it is our shared experiences of childhood WONDER and anticipation, most typically experienced during the ritual act of opening gifts we’ve received on Christmas or birthdays, that makes opening packages AS ADULTS such an exciting and enjoyable activity. (Photo: Sears Roebuck & Co.)

Series’ creator, Mark Otnes agreed, and summed up the origins of the new WITB series this way…

“I realized that whenever a new package arrived at my house, my heart would begin to race as I imagined that it must have something fun or exciting inside. To me, that feeling reminds me of childhood birthdays or Christmas mornings all over again! Of course, half of the time, when a package finally arrives, I’ve forgotten whatever it was I originally purchased or ordered, so it’s almost ALWAYS a mystery until I open it up. I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s happened to.”

Obviously, the thrill of opening packages is more than just some sort of childhood “nostalgic flashback.” It’s a unique phenomenon shared by millions of people worldwide, each with his (or her) own unique perspective. But whatever the reasons, we look forward to future installments of the series and the fun and excitement of finding out…“What’s in the Box?” Watch EPISODE 1


3 thoughts on “New “What’s in the Box?” Video Series Examines G.I. Joe Fan Reactions When Receiving Packages

  1. kneonknight says:

    This is slightly off topic, but looking at the photo from the old Sears and Roebuck catalogue, I couldn’t help but notice the Adventure Team Commander appears to have his dogtag chain encircling his neck…meaning they used a Land Adventurer and a set of Green Beret fatigues as a mock-up or stand-in for the actual figure.

    Then again, if I was expecting a Talking Commander on Xmas morning, and got this mute imposter instead, my reaction might have been film-worthy.

  2. Tanker says:

    GIJOE is GIJOE. Talking or not.

    • kneonknight says:

      Fair enough. However, a child might be a bit more discriminating, especially given their susceptibility to the hype and hoopla of the TV commercials of the time. I know I was.

      In my case, I was discouraged from asking for more ‘Joes, and steered firmly toward the uniforms and accessories. Apparently, the parents felt that my “reinforced squad” of fifteen or so figures was adequate (even though I knew a battalion would be better) and that I should probably concentrate on equipping them rather than swelling the ranks with poorly armed conscripts.

      So, no Talking Commander that year, but I did score a ton of A-Team accessories. Now, if only I had been gifted with the foresight to keep them in good shape and protect them from the predations of younger relatives, I might be buying a Porsche for the wife this Xmas.

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