New 1:6 Scale Record Player Plays Music by Elvis

Here’s a shot of the record player in the open-faced cardboard package as you’ll see it in the store. Happy Hunting! (Photo: Mark Otnes)

So, I was in our local Meijer store yesterday, picking up some healthy snacks <ahem> (no, really) and was wandering down one of their “seasonal” aisles (they’ve already put out stuff for Christmas!) when I discovered this little gem…

It’s a perfect, 1/6th scale phonograph (ornament) that’s modeled after the popular fold-out, portable record players from the 1960s and ’70s. It’s made by “Santa’s Best” and is absolutely superb!

It’s made of VERY durable plastic and features a backlit photo of Elvis that lights up as it plays REAL Elvis music and get this…the turntable actually goes around! The only thing I noticed was that the metal hold-down arm should go over the spindle, not behind it. But that’s a sign that the people who made this…don’t know how a phonograph works. HA
$17.99 in Meijers stores now. (See VIDEO)

One thought on “New 1:6 Scale Record Player Plays Music by Elvis

  1. Joe, I bought the Elvis record player ornament from Lowe’s.

    Where do the batteries reside? Inside the black cover of the record player?

    What size Phillips screwdriver do I need for the four tiny screws? None of mine will work.

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