GIjOE Collector’s Club “Warehouse Clearance Sale” Plagued by Store Shutdowns and Ongoing Customer Email and Software Problems

Dissatisfied Collectors Growing Weary of Repeated “Issues”

The club has posted this sign outside their headquarters to warn oncoming collectors.

Despite all the hype and hoopla surrounding the GIjOE Collector’s Club’s big “warehouse clearance sale,” as of the time of this article (Tuesday, Oct. 16th), the club STORE is closed and not responding to repeated attempts by customers to gain entry or place orders. Obviously, there are some serious software issues going on at club HQ. The link provided by them is also misdirecting to the Transformers store closure notice. It’s all very confusing! According to Brian Savage

“Please be aware that there is an issue with both club stores in putting items on sale. You will find all of the items going on sale in the clearance section. However, the store software is glitching on giving them a sale price. We are working with the software company on this.” —Brian

Yikes. After the big credit card scam forced the club store to go offline earlier this year (for months) they have been struggling to sell their merchandise conveniently or reliably. It appears those difficulties are ongoing and have not been fully resolved.

As of today, customers are still reporting difficulties receiving club emails, accessing the club store, viewing discounted product prices, etc. It’s really been a “train wreck” of a sale for all concerned.

Undoubtedly, these problems continue to hurt the club financially and its employees must surely be feeling their own frustration levels rising personally. For now, all anyone can do is counsel patience on all sides. There seems to be little else we can do!

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