Round 2 Secures DC License; Superman & Joker Sets for Captain Action To Debut Summer, 2013

A set for Superman is already being planned as this intriguing prototype package attests. Up, up, and AWAY! (Photo: Toygodd)

In a stunning announcement made today, Captain Action’s (CA) manufacturer, Round 2 (R2), revealed that the company had recently secured the licensing rights to characters created and controlled by DC Comics. Already producing products from the Marvel Comics universe, this exciting development opens up a whole new roster of comic book characters for the growing, increasingly popular CA line. In an exclamation point-riddled declaration over in Yahoo’s CA fan forum, R2’s head-honcho, Ed Catto enthusiastically declared…

“We thought you guys might enjoy the little DC announcement! Summer 2013, First 2 releases– Superman and The Joker! This year’s build a figure (in 2 waves) — AQUAMAN! Nuff’ Said!”

In this closeup of a package mock-up for an upcoming CA Batman set, assorted DC Direct parts and simple cardboard cutouts are used to indicate the amount of uniform and equipment planned. (Photo: Toygodd)

Each set contains bits and pieces to complete additional sets including Hawkeye and Aquaman. Cool! (Photo: Toygodd)

Captain Action devotees are already chomping at the bit for their own favorite DC characters. CA Fan, Al Hartman, was quick to voice his support, but also to remind fans that they’re just looking at sample or “concept” packages…

“Great news! But don’t expect the final product to look like what they  are showing at NYCC. Those are obviously mockups using pictures of the DC Direct 13″ figures, because it’s WAY too early for them to have any real prototypes to show. I hope we see variations like Curt Swan Superman, Byrne Superman, Carmine Infantino Batman, etc… I’m hoping to see a licensed official George Reeves set, and an Adam West set someday…One can always hope!”

Indeed. And it appears our hopes are actually becoming reality. R2 continues to ride the crest of a creative wave, providing nostalgic fans and collectors with EXACTLY the sort of “retro-toys” they crave. In fact, fans of comic books, GIjOEs, Captain Action and superhero-based 1:6 scale action figures will ALL be paying close attention to this developing situation. Stay tuned for additional information as it becomes available!

The new Dr. Evil figure will be in stores soon. Dig that silver suit!
(Photo: Toygodd)

Thor’s evil brother, Loki, is due to “brood” in toy stores soon. (Photo: Toygodd)

YES! More SUPERB Jack “King” Kirby artwork! Thor looks ready to FLY off of toy store shelves! (Photo: Toygodd)

A package mock-up for a Wolverine set reminds fans there’s many more exciting Marvel sets to come. ARRRRRR! (Photo: Toygodd)

A mock-up package for one of the most highly anticipated CA sets ever…IRON MAN! It will be interesting to see how R2 handles all of his armor. To be done right, this set would require many separate plastic pieces. (Photo: Toygodd)

11 thoughts on “Round 2 Secures DC License; Superman & Joker Sets for Captain Action To Debut Summer, 2013

  1. Steve Polzak says:

    So where is this Superman outfit for the new Capt.Action.Haven’t seen it anywhere.

    • Thomas Perdue says:

      I’m with you, Steve. I’ve been waiting for both the Batman and Superman costume sets since they unveiled them at the 2012 Toy Fair. You’d think as good as the cardboard prototypes looked that the company would’ve been more eager to make all that money.

      • Steve Polzak says:

        I know! And then they said something about Summer 2013. HELLO, Round 2? It’s now Spring of 2014. My God. I don’t know, Tom. I’ll tell you truly, they lost me. Also you owns this property anyway? First it was Capt.Action Enterprises or something, but now you mostly hear of this “Round 2” company. I thought that was just what the next set of CA outfits were being called (Round 2). But then I saw a few places saying “Marvel Capt.Action!” So…did more companies buy in or has someone else bought the whole thing? Its not easy figuring what’s what.

  2. Thomas Perdue says:

    Please email me when (and if) those sets ever comes to market. Thank you very much. —Thomas

    • Steve Polzak says:

      Hey Thomas, if you just want a heck of a Superman, Sideshow has a 1/6th scale version coming out. A lot of places are going to have it and are taking pre-orders on them. But he is not cheap. Will be a little over $200. Has an older look, like the Kingdom Come Superman. Does not belong to anything comics or movies. It stands alone. Someone did find a Superman comic drawing that looks a little like it though. I figure I’d let you know if you didn’t know already.

  3. Hello Captain Action collectors. I’m sorry to say that I’ve retired all my collection of CA Action Figures. I’ve decided to pack them all away. After this long wait and searching for the day (and a store) that finally received a shipment of the new Batman outfit to add to my collection (with no results), I finally realized they’re never bringing the new outfit out. They have great plans but never intended on manufacturing a single outfit. I’ve had two birthdays since I saw the first advertisement. So, I’m just tired of waiting for something that’s never going to happen. Good luck to the rest of you guys who are still waiting and I hope it happens for you. As for me, I give up. So long fellow collectors. Your friend, Tom.

    • No!!!!! Say it’s not so!!!!!

      • Ed says:

        I belong to the Yahoo Captain Action mail for collectors. And I believe your all right about the DC set ever coming out. The guy that runs Round 2 and Captain Action Enterprises is a guy named Ed Catto, and I don’t think that he will ever release the DC sets. He’s more worried about the comic books, little 4-inch figures and the Lady Action figure. It’s because he and his company are a bust. Now, if you think about what Captain Action stands for, it’s a figure that you put a outfit on, right? Even CA’s comic books in the 60s had him changing into other superheroes. But Captain Action Enterprises has made him his own thing, without him changing into heroes. Like I said, Captain Action Enterprises and Round 2 is just a big joke. The only reason he (Ed) is doing everything else, is so the company won’t go down the drain. It’s nothing but a big joke, this guy is.


        • Steve Polzak says:

          Hi Ed and everyone. Well, I don’t know anymore. I have waited a long time and think it’s been enough time for the Captain Action people to do anything DC heroes. They said they got the okay, that what they wanted to do was okayed by DC comics. So now, WHAT has been the problem in all this time? I don’t know and I have not even tried to find out. I’m not going out of my way looking on the web or anything. So they better do something big to catch people’s eyes, like advertise back on TV or on a magazine cover. I am sorry, but it is more than enough time now and they can not stand behind dealing trouble with DC. Remember they themselves once again said everything was settled.

  4. Steve Polzak says:

    Well, I heard as much from the Captain Action people that the DC comics stuff won’t be done. Too bad. It would have made it easier from a lot of people, mostly kids. They don’t have over a $180 to buy top action figures. I know a lot of kids who were waiting and are very, VERY upset.

    What I have heard, WOW. Nothing nasty but damaging. I have not heard any kids so mad since 1/6 action figures had more or less gone away and they could not get Capt. Action, G.I.Joe and some others. And these brands never did right by the girls. It’s always Barbie stuff or the like, forcing that damn PINK on girls. Hell, I know a lot who hated that and my wife is one of them. Man, does she hate pink and stuff that is boy or girl stuff. My wife blows up over that.

    For example, when Barbie had outer space things and they were pink, I can not TELL you what she said about that. And where are the women hero action figures? Oh, they’re coming out here and there but they are WAY behind in my book. I think Marvel has the most out but not many in 1/6 scale. Sorry, we got mad and on a soapbox. But going back, unless they are not moving well, you cannot get any action figures under $30.00 with clothes and all. You are in luck when you do. Have fun folks, hobbies COST $ now.

    • Lost Legionnaire says:

      Hi, I can’t believe what I just read. I was looking forward to having CA again. You see, I’m one of the kids who own the first CA figure. The outfits of Superman & Batman sure do look far better than the outfits I had with the first CA…”1965′ I believe. So when I saw the NEW Captain Action with the new outfits, man was I on board. I’ve looked everywhere for them and found nothing.

      As far as the girl action figures go, I don’t get it. I’m a “Legion of Superheros” fan…BIG TIME. About 10 to 15 years ago they came out with all the boy Legionnaires, so I got them all. I was just waiting for the girls…They never came out with them. It may mean nothing to some, but MY DREAM DIED. I thought that I’d have my own set of Legionnaires. Not to sell or trade but to have them set up for me.

      Now I see there will be no CA for me. WHAT A #@%&#@% drag.


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