BTOA Releases the Ultimate “Budget Buster” For Your German High Command: A 1:6 Mercedes Benz G4 Stretch Limo Staff Car———Only $20,213.00!

Astounding detail is possible at 1:6 scale and the BTOA Mercedes-Benz doesn’t disappoint. Time to start raiding Junior’s college funds! (Photo: Big Tanks of America)

Sell the wife! Sell the kids! Order Yours Today!

Elevating 1:6 scale collections to a whole new level, Big Tanks of America (BTOA) has now produced and released a massive, 1:6 scale, G4 Mercedes-Benz Stretch limousine. (FINALLY… collector prayers have been answered!) As with all their other astounding products, the new G4 has been impeccably researched, superbly constructed, and exquisitely assembled and finished. Right out the box, this beast of a machine will become the centerpiece of any collection. All you have to do is mortgage your house and sell your REAL car, because BTOA has pegged this bad boy at OVER $20,000.00, U.S.

The extended rear section of the giant G4 allowed 7 to ride together in comfort and style. (Photo: BTOA)

Collector reaction to this new 1:6 scale vehicle has been predictably muted. And it’s not hard to figure out the reason. COST. These things are seriously expensive. Yes, we know there are individuals out there parting with big money for their RC tanks and other “toys” (see our previous article, 1:6 Collecting: How Much is Too Much?), but TWENTY GRAND? For a TOY car? Either the new G4 is being cast out of solid gold, or inflation has SERIOUSLY hit the toy collecting hobby.

An unfinished G4, shown assembled, but prior to any painting, chroming or detail work. (Photo: BTOA)

Of course, you can always order the G4 in lesser, “static” forms (see above), knocking the price down into the $16,000+ range, but even at that level, we doubt the company will hear from many customers. The additional costs of painting, chroming and proper assembly will all add up quickly, bringing the final tally back up to the stratosphere.

With professional paint and chrome applied, the 1:6 scale G4 looks like its full-sized counterpart. Superb! (Photo: BTOA)

Ignoring the vehicle’s high cost factor is perhaps BTOA’s best option when promoting this very “adult-targeted” toy. Appealing primarily to military history buffs and high-end toy collectors, the company is using the G4’s real-life rarity and unique WW2 history in its marketing copy. Over on the BTOA website, they describe the Mercedes thusly…

Designed at the request of the German army, this elegant 6-wheeled off-roader was produced in only 57 units, many of which no longer exist. The car used an elongated box-section frame that allowed for generous interior room with comfortable seating for up to 7. Only three entirely original G4 cars are know to exist today.”

There isn’t a bad angle on this car. Amazing detail. (Photo: BTOA)

Bottom Line: The G4 was a very rare, limited-edition automobile. We get that. But so was the 1960’s George Barris Batmobile! And early reports have Hot Toys setting the price for their upcoming replica at between $300 and $600. Despite its appeal to many collectors, BTOA’s “Bavarian Beauty” will have to remain a dream for 1:6 fans. But that Batmobile! Hmm…

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3 thoughts on “BTOA Releases the Ultimate “Budget Buster” For Your German High Command: A 1:6 Mercedes Benz G4 Stretch Limo Staff Car———Only $20,213.00!

  1. kneonknight says:

    WOW! I felt bad for shelling out $400.00 for a MIB 5-Star Jeep a few years back, but this makes that seem like pocket change. I want to meet the one guy that buys this, just so I can say I know a millionaire.

  2. GIJOEBILL says:

    Even when I hit the lottery(any day now) I do not think I could sleep well spending that kind of money on a toy. I will have to get some sleeping pills.

  3. 20K for a toy car? No matter how accurate it is, you either have millions in the bank, or you’re as silly as Ross Day!

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